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    • MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2010

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    Photos by Joe Puglisi. For more shows, check out our photo section

    Set to the sounds of crushed pins and squeaky shoes, Brooklyn Bowl provided the perfect atmosphere for our Northside Festival party, featuring four acts from Cantora Records, bowling, and scenes from some of Baeble's concert shoots on the big screens. There may be some bowling puns for knocking down here, but I'm going to spare you (ouch!).

    The night opened up with the flamboyant stage show of Gordon Voidwell. The band tore through some funky electro numbers and danced their pants off, or in Voidwell's case, his shoes (suspiciously absent for the performance). Tony Castles provided a more avant garde, distorted take on the evening, with teeth-gnashing guitar noise and guest drumming from a member of Bear Hands (label mates). Savoir Adore brought their saccharine, singable pop to rousing heights with what seemed to be the largest crowd of the evening (and rightfully so with their tremendous Brooklyn buzz). Then the lights went real low (minus an intimidating red wash) for BRAHMS, the electronic dance act who finished out the night with some bass heavy jams. The dance floor was warmed up and having it by then, and the moshing included some of the earlier performers, as well as a few notable Brooklyn personalities (including Reggie Watts?). All in all, a great evening filled with great music.

    Stay tuned for our concert footage of each band! -joe puglisi

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    Pictures: Gordon Voidwell
    Tony Castles
    Savoir Adore

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