hanson release new album, stay afloat
    • MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2010

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    In 1997 when Hanson dropped the smash hit "MMMbop", the record industry was still a behemoth and not yet writhing in its deathbed. Bands as successful as Hanson could expect to enjoy at least 2-3 albums worth of hits before fading away into obscurity. Unfortunately, the record industry started tanking and they went through years of label drama immediately after their debut.

    Unlike the majority of their post-grunge 90s brethren, Hanson (who are all talented multi-instrumentalists) have continued to pump out music long after their 15 minutes of intense spotlight were up and have had renewed success releasing their music independently on their own label. You get the feeling, however, that success doesn't matter too much to these guys in the end. Whether it's because they've already had plenty or something else, it's clear that making music is just something these guys can't help doing.

    So, with that in mind, they've got a new album, Shout It Out, and a new single to promote it. It's pop, of course, and its got that offputting overproduced thing going for it. But hey, you've got to respect how well these guys have turned out. Listen to the single over at NPR. - ben krusling

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