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    • MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2010

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    We Are the In Crowd, the subject of today's feature, are relatively new on the scene but have managed to capture the hearts and ears of many. They only formed last year and shortly after were signed to Hopeless Records. They just released their first EP, entitled Guaranteed to Disagree. And with standout tracks like "Both Sides of the Story" and "Lights Out", dueling female and male vocals, and heavy pop hooks, it's "guaranteed to agree" with critics. (Oh, I went there.)

    As previously mentioned, We Are the In Crowd are different in the scene because all of their tracks feature the rivaling vocals of Taylor Jardine (female vocals) and Jordan Eckes (guitar/male vocals). Of course, you can't have a band with just vocalists, so there's also Mike Ferri (bass), Rob Chianelli (drums), and Cameron Hurley (guitar). On what seems to be the band's most well known song, "Both Sides of the Story", Tay and Jordan share their wildly different viewpoints of a date from hell. Some of my favorite lyrics of recent are in the chorus: When Tay sings "You're not quite Satan/But I really think I hate you" I am reminded of several people who shall not be named. Not important, but I can relate. I think everyone can really. Another one of We Are the In Crowd's strong points is the programmed tracks that they use in addition to instruments. The track on "Both Sides of the Story" is really only apparent in the beginning and the end, but it's vibrating beats stick with you.

    Another track from Guaranteed to Disagree that I really enjoy is "Lights Out". Every band, it seems, has a song about touring. The long days on the road, the homesickness, and how playing a show to a room full of kids makes it all worthwhile; "Lights Out" has it all. The first thing that hits is Rob's crashing drums, and they just may very well be the best part of the song. The melody perfectly complements Tay and Jordan's vocals and the song really shows off the whole band's attention to detail.

    We Are the In Crowd may have just started, but I'm positive they're not even close to being done. I can't wait to hear what else they've got in store even though they've only just released their first EP. -hanna kasper

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    MP3: "Both Sides of the Story"
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