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    On June 24th, the four-piece rock band, Dorothy released their highly anticipated full-length album ROCKISDEAD. The Los Angeles-based quartet fronted by Dorothy Martin, signed to Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation in 2015, and with their record already sitting comfortably at #2 on the iTunes rock charts, it's becoming clear that Dorothy will be setting an altogether new standard for the modern rock genre.

    With the help of bandmates, DJ Black (guitar), Gregg Cash (bass), and Zac Morris (drums), Dorothy demonstrates her range as the album impels itself through relentless, rock-heavy tracks like "After Midnight," only to wade fearlessly through heart-stopping, stripped-down ballads like "Shelter." With the deserved and growing praise for ROCKISDEAD Dorothy proves she isn't just another raven-haired beauty with a few rough edges, she's an unapologetic, multi-faceted force of nature with a hell of a lot more to offer.

    Lea Weatherby: How did you get started in music?

    Dorothy Martin: I always wanted to be a singer since I was a little kid and you know, I spent enough time in LA and did actually do extra work in film and television, fun fact! But I struggled a bit and I eventually met the right people and I'm just really grateful that Jay Brown and Roc Nation took a chance on me and so, here I am.

    LW: Did you start your career as a solo artist?

    DM: I had definitely tried, I had a few attempts at that, a few writing sessions, but mainly, the majority of my time was spent working and having the life experiences that brought me here. It was a lot of growing up and I think the band came along at the right time. It felt right and it's definitely the right fit, this type of music feels very natural to me, like who the fuck doesn't want to rock out?

    LW: I agree! But it feels like not many people know how to anymore! When I heard 'Wicked Ones' for the first time, I remember thinking, 'Who the fuck is rocking out this hard right now?' I feel like there's just a lot of synthesized soundscapes out there and ROCKISDEAD feels like a huge breath of fresh air.

    DM: And that's exactly what we were trying to do! So, mission accomplished!

    LW: You signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation, which is obviously a huge deal, congratulations! How did that fall together?

    DM: I was signed by Jay Brown, I met Jay-Z on our last trip to New York, he's a very nice person as far as I can tell, I was a little starstruck! But when I signed with Roc Nation, it was in Jay Brown's office, he manages Rihanna and he was over at Def Jam, but it felt very relaxed and people are chill and cool there.

    LW: Was there someone who discovered you in some way?

    DM: I really kind of really started looking for people I could work with and collaborate with and I found my manager, and all I knew is he had been at Interscope, so it was journey from there with him, and he took a meeting at Roc Nation and showed Jay the music video we and just shot and Jay was like, 'Yeah, get her in here let's have a meeting and I would like to sign her,' so that's kind of how it happened.

    LW: As the frontwoman of a rock band, do you find yourself dealing with a lot of foolish or sexist perceptions?

    DM: I really haven't been affected by it, I just do what I'm doing, and I don't really ever think about it. I've dealt with sexism before and it's still around and it's hilariously unfounded but it hasn't been a big issue in my life. I'm a girl's girl, I'm a woman's woman, I'm very much a supporter of female empowerment. I guess I didn't really realize how big of a deal it was until I started hearing from bands who were like 'I'm so inspired by what you're doing and you're a woman' and I'm like, 'Yeah! dont ever tell anyone you can't do anything because you're a woman, that's stupid! If anything, maybe we can do it a little better, we can multi-task [laughs].

    LW: Speaking of which, there's a line that you say on 'Dark Nights' where you say 'Don't give me no lover/ if he ain't got the stones / 'cause I need a man who will fight for his own' which is absolutely perfect. Tell me about the stones, or lack thereof.

    DM: It's hard to find real men who will get their hands dirty and do shit nowadays and maybe it's this generation, I don't know, it's just wanting a guy who has a pair! Which is just in that moment and that thought of wanting to have a man, a man-man! There are just a lot of people who are grown up who still seem like little boys to me, who can't handle their shit even as grown men. This guy I dated a couple years ago was in his 30's and did not have his shit together. Sometimes you have to let them know.

    LW: So, you're LA based, would you say you're all about the west coast?

    DM: Yes, I'm an LA native but I grew up in San Diego. It's just such a different vibe.

    LW: As a musician, you travel constantly. Would you say geography affects the way you perform your music or write your music?

    DM: Well, for the album we did everything in LA but I can't see how it wouldn't affect it. For example, we went out to Savannah, Georgia, and it's now by far, my favorite city in the United States, I fell in love with Savannah, and it made me want to write and explore the sound in different ways and write about the city in different ways. There was all this history there and it's swampy and it's gorgeous, so definitely, geography can affect music and your mood. Mostly though, I write and record in LA but I take my experiences from traveling and incorporate them all in different ways.

    LW: What would you say, if your fans could take away one idea from the album, what would you want them to understand about you as an artist and as a collective whole?

    DM: I hope that they enjoy the introduction to our band and know there's a lot more to come and I want them to feel good, you know?

    LW: I don't think you'll run into any problems there! What's your favorite song on the new album?

    DM: I go back and forth but I don't think I have one, to be honest! I like 'Kisses' a lot and I really like 'Shelter' because it's personal.

    LW: Are you already working on new material for the next album?

    DM: Yes! Already working on writing material for sure.

    LW: You have a tour coming up soon?

    DM: I'm not totally sure of the schedule yet, but our guitar player says hi!

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