This Wall Street Parody of Pharrell's 'Happy' Reminds Us How Unhappy We Are
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    What could possibly be more obnoxious than hearing Pharrell's song "Happy" for the millionth time? Hearing millionaire investment banker Terence Kawaja's Cannes themed version.

    Just in case you were worried about the hardworking men and women down on Wall Street, Kawaja has recorded his own version of the carefree tune to remind us just how "Happy" making millions of zillions of dollars can be. Kawaja and his other (white middle aged) associates can be seen dancing in the streets — and at the banquet tables, and Mediterranean beaches, and enormous yachts, and five star hotels — of the French Mediterranean seaside resort town Cannes.

    This week the city plays host to the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, formerly (and more accurately) known as the International Advertising Festival. Essentially, the wealthiest people in the business of selling us shit get together for one week and consult an endless supply of fully-expensed French rosé about how to creatively sell us even more shit.

    Kawaji's rendition assures us that business is mostly pleasure. "In Cannes we're happy/Clap along if you justified being here for your work/In Cannes we're happy/Clap along if you feel you deserve this annual perk". The desk in the office you're taking a "well-deserved" expensed vacation from probably costs more money than I will make all year. Oh you're happy? DUH. You're. In. Cannes. Drunk. On. A. Yacht. Hamlet would be happy there. I hate you.

    Keep an eye out for the not-so-creatively placed 60 seconds of shameless plugging for his advisory firm at the end Kawaji's "Happy" below. Warning: May cause dangerous rise in blood pressure.

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