Bruce Springsteen: The Boss of Recycled References
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    According to an interview in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Bruce Springsteen is currently hammering away at a new record that will follow up last year's Wrecking Ball. With 17 albums currently under the Boss's belt, we're going to assume that we will hear some reoccurring themes and characters in his new material. The word cloud below, which counted mentions of lady names in all of Springsteen's lyrics, leads us to believe that a few of these lovelies will be popping up. And from the looks of it, little Bruce has been poppin' up a bit himself over the years. Brucie, you doggg, you! Ever wonder why they call him the Boss?

    Below, is a map of Bruce's semi-realistic Jersey world as explained through the years. Please do not use this as a real directional reference as Linden is much further than four blocks from Asbury Park.

    Click Image to Enlarge

    Here are a few more possible objects, places, and themes we predict Bruce will be growling about.

    We found these by Google image searching "Bruce Springsteen + (term)".

    A Car

    An Old Girlfriend

    Whoever she is, chances her name ends in "e, ie, or y".


    Boss loves blue.

    A Motorcycle


    No, no, no. We mean this Sandy.

    Last, but not least...

    An Old Bar

    Every New Jersey uncle has a story about the one time he caught Bruce at his local watering hole. And Bruce's references to local shore hangouts only encourages them.

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