Muse's 'Survival' Suggests They May Not Survive
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Muse has always had a penchant for theatricality and high-drama, plugging choral passages, guitars, and synths together in a half-space-rock, half-musical theater combination of elements. Their newset album The 2nd Law almost seemed to turn their minds towards dub-step, at least with the initial clips it offered in its official trailer (which on the whole is pretty exciting). But first single "Survival" (which debuted on Radio One, and will be the official theme song of the London Summer Olympics this year) is pure goofy lyricism and bombastic motifs, swapping out Matthew Bellamy's typical falsetto curvature for some low, slow drawl exclamations and a rather silly lack of a melodic vocal hook. The spooky background vocals and Bellamy's chuckle-worthy belt at the end make this a pretty disappointing first taste of the band's sixth studio.

    Seriously though, it sounds like a rough draft for a song in a Bob The Builder musical. How did we stray so far from the pinnacle of Muse-i-ness?

    Now THAT'S a survival anthem.

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