NOW PLAYING: TT Sheds Her Warpaint In Session
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018

    • Posted by: Adrianne Torea

    Theresa Wayman - a vital slice of the indie rock band Warpaint - recently stepped into Baeble Music HQ for a solo Baeble NEXT Session.

    Wayman is a founder and 15 year veteran of the band. Her solo project, TT, is long overdue. When she sat down with us, the Oregon-native singer-songwriter revealed that she's been working on the project since she was 15 as a means to find herself. "Within the band we don't really get to get everything out…we're all writing and there's only so much you can put on an album. Everybody's got more ideas that what we just bring to that project", TT explained in regard to her solo stint. TT brought flavors of love and heartbreak to Baeble, performing two songs from her debut solo record, LoveLaws, beginning with "Love Leaks", followed by "I've Been Fine". We'd like to give a quick shout-out to whoever broke TT's heart, because without you these songs may not exist. Oh and don't worry, she's been fine. TT also slipped in a couple Warpaint tracks, including a super stripped down version of "Love Is To Die" and "So Good". Every note sang was bursting with raw emotion, accompanied by a mix of piano and bass. So, if you want to know the real Theresa Wayman, without her Warpaint, check out her Baeble NEXT session.

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