The Wildest Moments of the 2017 BET Awards
    • MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    "I love this, I love black people! Please, gas me up! Gas me!" is not the most notable thing said by Chance the Rapper during his Humanitarian Award acceptance speech at this years BET Awards; but, it most definitely does define the ceremony as a whole. The BET Awards has aired every summer since 2001, and as each year goes by the culture of black music changes and we are met with twists and turns at every show. When the black community is gathered, especially in the context of music, there are rarely any dull moments. Everyone who attends the BET Awards is there to celebrate and appreciate black culture in the best way they know how, and it is always a notable night for the music industry.

    Before the ceremony had even began, we were already off to a wild start. During pre-show red carpet interviews, Migos sat down with Nadeska Alexis, Joe Budden, and DJ Akademiks–and the interview did not go as planned. DJ Akademiks, an entertainer and Youtube personality, started off by mentioning the "running joke" about Takeoff being left out of the group's hit song, "Bad and Boujee." This comment led to Takeoff denying this suggestion, and Akademiks constantly asking him to repeat himself. Akademiks then mentions Offset's recent time spent in jail which led, until then, silent Joe Budden to abruptly declare that the interview needed to be wrapped up. While trying to get the interview closed out, DJ Akademiks was interrupted by Budden standing up and dropping his mic, which did not go over will with the rap trio. Quavo and Offset both stood and dropped their mics as well, followed by Takeoff. Quavo then asks Budden what he's trying to do while Offset rolled his sleeves up and Nadeska Alexis tried to step between both parties, repeatedly asking where security was. In the end, no punches were thrown and everyone walked away with a wild story to tell. This apparently wasn't Budden's first controversial run in with a rapper, and if I were him I'd maybe try to mind my business. It's one thing to go against one other person, but with a group like Migos–you clearly don't stand a chance.

    Luckily, it seems as though conflict was left outside of the Microsoft Theatre for the night and we were able to get into the celebrations. Award ceremonies are often centered around honoring talented individuals and all of the work that they do, so it was not out of left field to see DJ Khaled participating in these honoring shenanigans. In fact, Khaled took it to the next level and honored one of the youngest and most talented names in music today: his son Asahd Khaled. The 8 month old is named as the executive producer of Khaled's new album Grateful, for which Khaled shows his appreciation as he says, "This my best work! I did it for my son! I did it for Asahd Khaled!" during his performance of "I'm The One." This wholesome moment was concluded with Khaled having the crowd chant his son's name–Asahd even made some appearances on stage during the song. Asahd has somehow accomplished more in 8 months than I have in almost 19 years, which is both terrifying and inspiring; but, also, if I ever fail at anything can't I just blame my parents for not hyping me up as much as DJ Khaled does for Asahd?

    DJ Khaled may be in the running to be the king of getting everyone around him more excited than they ever knew they could be, Bruno Mars for sure has him beat. Sorry, Asahd–we support you wholeheartedly, but you just aren't Bruno Mars. I watched the BET Awards on my couch at home, and in the 6 and a half minutes that Bruno was on stage I felt like I was in a different world. A world where everyone walks around with a hype squad a wild as Mars and his Hooligans, and wears customized matching jerseys like them too. Seriously, I don't think it's possible to not have the time of your life around them–they just won't allow it.

    Twice during his performance, Bruno brought the show to a stop when he didn't feel like the crowd was giving him back the energy he was putting out, saying, "This is the BET Awards. This is supposed to be the livest party of the year." After this, with the help of his team, Mars broke out some insanely contagious dance moves that made sure of the fact that no one would be left standing still. Being real, if your friends don't hype you up as much as Bruno's does, you need new friends.

    In regards to crowd reaction, few other performers had the same effect as Bruno Mars did. Surprisingly, however, Future managed to come close with the help of a shock factor. The rapper took to BET Awards stage to perform his banger "Mask Off." The stage was adorned in a setup that resembled an old, well-decorated mansion that most likely has a few ghosts hanging out here and there. Future's dancers accompanied him on stage all wearing black hooded cloaks which they soon removed, leaving them dancing in black masquerade masks. As the performance went on, the dancers created a line in front of a stage prop which appears to be a window.

    Here's where the story gets crazy. When the girls divide their line, Kendrick Lamar appears. Wow, magic, I know. Kendrick was featured on the "Mask Off" remix, and upon his emergence the crowd went absolutely insane. That's pretty much how you win the game; I mean, Kendrick is basically the equivalent to a draw four card in UNO. No one in the room that night is going to be able to forget the sound of the crowd roaring when Kendrick came out to make this such an iconic performance.

    Bruno, Kendrick, and Future were certainly able to keep everyone watching them entertained–but that can't be said about Mary J. Blige's performance of songs "Set Me Free" and "Love Yourself." Understandably, an R&B artist will not have the same crowd reaction as a rapper. Blige's music is geared to a much different crowd than Future's, and even Bruno Mars'. The thing about this performance in particular, though, is that she also had a special guest: rapper A$AP Rocky.

    So, she had the sounds for R&B fans, and Rocky for rap fans–and yet the performance was so dry it actually had people dozing off in the crowd. At 3:31 in the video below, you can see Bruno himself getting a little droopy eyed. Watching this, I had flashbacks to the alarming amount of the times I've tried and failed to stay awake in 9:00 am lectures. Of course, there was no disrespect meant to either performer, that's just how it is sometimes.

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