SONG OF THE DAY: 'Big Fish' by Vince Staples
    • MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Nailah Andre

    Vince Staples dropped "Big Fish" back in May and now that his album Big Fish Theory is out the track is definitely not one to skip. The song features Juicy J on the hook who repeats a simple phrase "I was up late night ballin'. Countin' up hundreds by the thousand."

    The song was produced by twin brother duo Christian Rich who have worked with many of Staples peers before included Earl Sweatshirt & Childish Gambino. The two are great at crafting an instrumental that fits perfectly to the style of the artist. Vince Staples puts a little bit of Long Beach in every song he does and "Big Fish" is no exception.

    "Another story of a young black man. Tryna make it up out that jam, god damn. Bag back, let me make my bands, got plans." In the song Vince Staples talks a little bit about how rapping and his success has changed his life and how he tries to impart that on the children in his neighborhood. He even mentions his work with the North Long Beach YMCA in these lines "At the park politickin' with the kids. Tryna get em on a straight path, got the lames mad."

    It's clear from this song and the entire album that Vince has grown as an artist and a person as a result of his success.

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