10 Poetic Kevin Morby Lyrics
    • MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    Kevin Morby is a singer-songwriter with a ton of solid jams and some interesting lyrics. Here are some of our favorites.

    1. "That city music, that city sound, oh how you're pulling my heart strings, let's go downtown." - "City Music"

    The title track off of Kevin Morby's new album City Music starts out with a less rock feel to it and instead, with a more relaxing folk indie vibe. These lyrics basically embody the entire song, which is to say that the city brings the best energy and definitely the best music.

    2. "And all the music in my ears, sounds beautiful down here, and I could hear the drummer roll, and I could her the choir cry." - "Dorothy"

    "Dorothy" is one of his best songs, and not just because of its upbeat guitar melody but because Morby basically creates an ode to the music in his life and how it has affected him.

    3. "With you always at my side…As we tell all those stories told." - "Dorothy"

    Another great section of this same song that reminds us how brilliant and meaningful it is. Morby personifies his guitar as someone that has always been with him through thick and thin. With his music he is able to tell stories and the lyrics express how grateful he is for that.

    4. "Walk with me on the wild side, with my head in the air full of some child's cry." -"Wild Side (Oh The Places You'll Go)"

    In this specific lyric he is asking someone to walk with him on this so called "wild side." "Some child's cry" might allude to the fact that although he is a grown adult, sometimes he feels like a young child who can't or won't stop crying. He describes how he's caught between the world of being an adult and being able to get high, but then suddenly feeling like a little kid.

    5. "May we fill these lungs with laugher, and may we shake these bones with style." - "Aboard My Train"

    We really get to hear Morby's voice loud and clear in this one. This song specifically reminds me of a Dr. Dog song. Actually scratch that, a lot of his music reminds me of Dr. Dog.

    6. "But all of them are aboard my train, but all of them are a friend of mine, and oh my darling, can't you see, oh that babe, and you, are a part of me." - "Aboard My Train"

    Yeah, another good lyric from the same song...We just can't choose! Towards the end, Morby talks more and more about all of the people and places he's loved and seen.

    7. "In the garden where we built a home, black flowers...Like everything once is now over, just has everything now has died." - "Black Flowers"

    Considering this is Kevin Morby, this could easily be a metaphor for some other change in his life that he wasn't ready for. The second part of these lyrics seems like it gets a little dark, but maybe he is just trying to be truthful as he sings around the fact that something is over for him.

    8. "If you come to find out who you are, may you find out, may you find out who you are, and if you come to search for what is lost, then may you find it, may you find it at any cost." - "Parade"

    This is a more hopeful cut… He starts the song by giving the audience hope. He is trying to portray the idea that everyone is a little lost at some points and he tells us that we should be able to find our way no matter what.

    9. "Nowhere to go, step out of my shadow, take me as I am, a man." - "Cut me down"

    Something bad obviously happened to Kevin Morby here, because he continues the song by comparing vultures surrounding him to how he currently feels about love. This is where the lyric above comes in, when he talks about the vultures (a past relationship?) simply taking him as he is.

    10. "I'm out wandering the streets, silently carrying a song, until it gets to loud, and comes rushing out of my mouth." - "Destroyer"

    "Destroyer" is on the same album as "Cut me down" and it has that similar theme of lost loves. Poor Kevin.

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