Contagious Vibes on Sick of Sarah's New EP
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    It's 2015. Most of the pop-punk that my peers and I were enamored by has gone extinct. Bands like Blink 182, Paramore, Blue October, and early Avril that prospered in the mid 2000's and dominated my middle school atmosphere has been replaced with euro-electronic dance music. I feared that the angst and volcanic rush of fervent guitars was now uncool for the newest generation of teens. Enter Sick of Sarah: a kick-ass, thunderous, rock quintet from Minneapolis who've been reinvigorating punk-pop and sustaining its sound through the 2010's. With their last album 2205 racking up 1.7 million copies on internet downloads, Sick of Sarah is a tour-de-force in modern rock music. Their newest EP redeems their style and exhilaration with hard-hitting tracks stuffed with prototypical running base lines and beautifully pompous vocal lines and melodies.

    The first track "Stereo" is nothing short of a banger. It starts with Abisha Uhls haunting voice singing across a lone guitar. Then, everything combines in a swirl of magnificent power pop with thudding chords and a melody that inevitably will stick in your head for days. Though all of the tracks wonderfully and skillfully duplicate their renowned genre of punk music, nothing stands out more than lead single "Rooftops". It's a joyous and liberating microcosm of pop music with Uhl directing her audience to dance like the 80's. It's a subtle act of rebellion with lyrics booming with incentive for positivity and general self-assurance.

    Sick of Sarah, through tumult and merriment, uses upbeat tactics to keep their audience consistently enthralled. They show that aggression can be manipulated to be fun, and there's nothing more fun than the catchiness of the chorus on "Contagious" or the interspersed guitars and vocals on the bridge of "Everything is Beautiful". Collectively, these six songs show vigor, excitement, and an impression of, if not joviality, then at-least self-satisfied. It's feel good music at its core, and nothing is better than that. Get their Anthem EP June 30th.

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