Juliet Simms Brings Her Breathtaking Voice To Baeble HQ
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    A couple months back we had the chance to snag an electrifying performance from our favorite wild child, Miss Juliet Simms. It wasn't the first time Simms swung by our HQ...she and her brother originally brought a few Automatic Loveletter tunes by a few years back. At the time her potential was obvious enough...but even we were amazed that her unmistakable rasp and rocker chick attitude earned her a spot on season 2 of The Voice. Once there she obviously destroyed most of the competition, finishing second; a life changing accomplishment that has kept her going ever since.

    In the wake of her appearance on the show, we invited Simms back to Baeble HQ for a performance of her solo introduction, "Wild Child" and a newer song, "Click Your Heels". Don't worry. For those who knew this Warped Tour regular before the rest of America did, you will be pleased to know she's still the same untamed vocalist she's always been.

    Watch the full video at Baeblemusic.com

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