Hear New Divine Fits 'Would That Not Be Nice?'
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Divine Fits is made up of bits of Spoon, Wolf Parade, and New Bomb Turks (and trust us, it's the good bits). Although first track "My Love Is Real" was more a Spoon tune covered by Handsome Furs (and sung by Dan Boeckner's ruckus baritone), the second offering shows the band is doing it Wolf Parade style, trading vocals and styles. The heavily Spoon-fluenced "Would That Not Be Nice?" showcases Brit Daniels, with little electro-accents and Boeckner's patented chordal chug. Is anyone else wondering how often the three members rotate instruments?

    And hear "My Love Is Real" right here:

    The variety has got us doubly excited for the disc. Divine Fits will release A Thing Called Divine Fits on 8/28 in the US/Canada, and 8/27 in Europe and the UK.

    A Thing Called Divine Fits:
    1. My Love Is Real
    2. Flaggin A RIde
    3. What Gets You Alone
    4. Would That Not Be Nice
    5. The Salton Sea
    6. Baby Get Worse
    7. Civilian Stripes
    8. For Your Heart
    9. Shivers
    10. Like Ice Cream
    11. Neo-politans

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