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    • FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2009

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    Happy Friday music lovers. On this week's T.G.I.Mixtape, the 20th in our series, we have some great songs from some artists just emerging onto the scene as well as from some more established talent. We would also like to say that we are all truly saddened by the recent pacing of one of the biggest music icons of all time, the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Rest In Peace. -Greg Lozoff

    1. Anna Ternheim - "To Be Gone"

    This Swedish singer/songwriter has been getting extensive amounts of play time around these parts lately. Anna Ternheim has been incredibly busy over the past year, providing us with 2 full length album's in the span of one year. Not only did she release the incredible Halfway To Fivepoints at the beginning of last year, but she released the equally lovely Leaving on a Mayday in November of last year. One can only hope that she continues to produce as much music of this quality in 2009 and beyond.

    2. Revolver - "Get Around Town"

    "Get Around Town" is the catchy first single from French trio Revolver's debut album Music For A While. You can tell that these three classically trained musicians have been greatly influenced by The Beatles, whose Revolver album they named their band after. The album is full of Beatle-esque vocal harmonies, emotive strings and choruses you can sing along to. Their french accents just add to their charm.

    3. Floating Action - "Don't Stop (Loving Me Now)"

    Here's some music to sway to. Somewhere in between Memphis and the Caribbean islands lies the music of Seth Kaufman and his band, Floating Action. There is just something timeless about this stuff, making it feel like something you used to listen to in your dad's car when you were a kid. Their latest self titled album is in stores now so be sure to pick it up.

    4. God Help The Girl - "Come Monday Night"

    Since it doesn't seem like there is any new Belle and Sebastian on the horizon we will just have to settle for this. God Help The Girl is the title of a film that lead Belle and Sebstian member Stuart Murdoch is currently filming. He has just released the soundtrack to the film that sounds...well like Belle and Sebastian. Murdoch held open auditions in order to find vocalists to sing on the album and on "Come Monday Night", the first single from the soundtrack we are introduced to the lovely voice of Catherine Ireton.

    5. Holiday Shores - "Phones Don't Feud"

    Chances are you've never been to Holiday Shores; a small street on the West side of Florida's famous panhandle. This street, however, just happens to be where Nathan Pemberton calls home. I guess it is only fitting that he should then call his band Holiday Shores, the location where at 21 years of age, he and his friends have crafted their debut album, Columbus'd The Whim. "Phones Don't Feud" is the fuzzy first single from the album; a song that will go down in our books as one of the best songs of the summer of 2009.

    6. Alessi's Ark - "The Horse"

    At only 18 years of age, Alessi Laurent-Marke, who performs as Alessi's Ark, writes some beautiful folk ballads with an orchestral tinge that gives her music an air of maturity way beyond her years. One thing is for sure...the future is bright for this talented British singer/songwriter.

    7. Lonely Drifter Karen - "The Owl Moans Low"

    This song may only be just over a minute long but in that minute we are treated to everything that makes Lonely Drifter Karen as special an artist as she is. Witty lyrics, sparkling instrumentation and Tanja Frinta's adorable vocal delivery are what make this song, as well as the rest of her debut full length album, Grass Is Singing as incredible a debut as could be hoped for.

    8. Elizabeth and the Catapult - "Race You"

    It seems there is an abundance of extremely talented female musicians out there these days, just beginning to emerge onto the scene. We have already heard from 4 other wonderful female artists on this very mixtape, so why not here from another new voice. Elizabeth Abby Lynn Ziman and her band, The Catapult mix elements of jazz, funk and pop into a cute little bundle of indie pop goodness that is hard to resist.

    9. The Low Anthem - "Charlie Darwin"

    Here is the smooth and soulful opening track from The Low Anthem's latest album, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. These guys recently graced our Baeble Guest Apartment, and if you haven't seen the video, now is your chance. It was really a special performance.

    10. Michael Jackson - "Man In The Mirror"

    R.I.P King of Pop.

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