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    • FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2009

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    Here are some things you should know about Piney Gir (pronounced like girl): she is from Kansas, she sings songs that are vaguely country, with a touch of indie elctronica, she wears big poofy dresses, and her new single Of All the Wonderful Things is a music box of absurdly sweet melody and daisy flower lyrics that could have been plucked out of The Sound of Music.

    Piney Gir, otherwise known as Angela Penhaligon is such a master of the cute and whimsical that it seems difficult to believe she could be real. The slow swayed rhythm of her songs references classic tempos and genres, but with a nave doe eyed conviction and her voice, part Jenny Lewis, part Kimya Dawson singing cupcake lyrics that brings about a wistful smile on any unsuspecting listener. Perfect for a slow sunny afternoon, sipping lemonade on a perch overlooking a wide grass field. Or inside a non-air-conditioned cramped apartment, desperately swaying an old fan and melting in Piney Gir's world. Seeing polka dots and petticoats dancing to cowboy hats and acoustic guitars, unsuspecting of the flick in her voice, embracing these old fashioned styles with a sensibility that seems as out of place and wonderfully refreshing in this modern day world. - Laura Yan

    Piney Gir on Tour

    6/30 - Lexington - London
    7/18 - Narc Festival - Newcastle
    9/19 - Alchemy Festival - Lincolnshire
    9/20 - The Waiting Room - Eaglescliffe

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    Piney Gir on Myspace

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