Looks Aren't Everything: 5 Awful 2012 Album Covers
    • MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    In most modern cases, album artwork isn't as important as it used to be. With most music being purchased through iTunes and similar sites, there isn't as much attention payed to the record sleeve. It's hard to appreciate an album cover when it's only as big as your iPod screen. This has led to less of an emphasis on the physical CD, and it certainly hasn't stopped artists from coming up with some of the dumbest looking covers to date. Let's look at a few of this year's worth offenders.

    A Flash Flood of Color by Enter Shikari

    British metalcore band Enter Shikari released their third studio album this January. Socio-political lyrics and genre defying singles aside, this album accomplished nothing with its cover. I'm really just not sure what the image is trying to convey. What is this red triangle contraption supposed to be? There have been plenty of neon lights on covers before, not so many out in the woods. Is this how they're planning on signalling the mothership? I'm not sure.

    Born & Raised by John Mayer

    Oh John Mayer. He is so socially awkward and out-spoken it's laughable. However, the guy can play his guitar. And as much as we may dislike him, John Mayer is also a good looking dude. With that being said, why did he released this bizarre mix of military metals and flowers as his album cover? Stick with what you know, John, and put your face on all your albums. You don't need to reflect the sound or introduce the concept of the album in the cover. You just need to schedule yourself for a new set of head shots.

    Murder by Numbers by 50 Cent

    Dear 50 Cent/whomever is responsible for the above image, put down the Photoshop and step away from the computer. Look, we get it. You were shot a bunch of times. You're hardcore. You have an image to maintain and all that, but really? Fire? Fire AND rubble? Understandably, you couldn't put a basket of puppies on you new album, but this? I mean the only way to make this album cover worse would be to add a lens flare.

    Overexposed by Maroon 5

    I like Maroon 5's "Payphone" as much as the next person. It's the kind of pop that will rot your teeth, but man is it catchy. The rest of the album promises to be one of the poppiest albums of the summer, so what is it doing with a cover that looks like...well I'm not even sure where to look. The cartoon-ish illustration fits with the animated video for "Payphone," but otherwise I don't see how the two go together. The colorful color is more psychedelic than pop.

    Fortune by Chris Brown

    Okay so here we are presented with a cleaned-up Chris Brown. He has literally put down the can of spray paint, wielded on past covers, and has swapped said graffiti imagery for a more futuristic look. The crisp tie and suit make Brown seem all matured and sharply dressed. Ignoring the fact that those glasses give Brown a distinctively hipster look, I follow so far. But you lose me at the hieroglyphics. The backdrop of foreign languages make the cover look more like a poster for some diversity seminar. (Also side note: only Ryan Gosling can pull off driving gloves.)

    (Dis)Honorable Mentions:
    Tresspassing by Adam Lambert
    Strange Clouds by BOB
    Living Things by Linkin Park

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