t.g.i. mixtape: northside 2010
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2010

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    Hey Northside Festival fans! Intimidated by the lengthy roster of strangely named bands playing Northern Brooklyn today/tomorrow/Sunday? Check out our easy-to-use mixtape, chock full of hidden gems and noteworthy up-and-comers for you to check out at this weekend's festivities.

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    1. "Bodies" - Savoir Adore - In The Wooded Forest
    Something about the far off yelling and echo-y singing in this upbeat track, driven by clicks and taps, makes it feel like the duo really could be in the "wooded forest"...although it'd probably have to be a woodland dance party. You can catch Savoir Adore at 10pm on Saturday, at Brooklyn Bowl.

    2. "Marianne, You've Done It Now" - Vandaveer - Grace & Speed
    Although Vandaveer describes their genre as "Folk/Folk/Folk" on their MySpace, they've definitely got a few different things going on. This haunting track, punctuated by cymbal crashes and tambourine jingles, features a vocal range from eerie whisper to gritty desperation and some pretty crazy, non-western sounding clarinet soloing that's a bold and unexpected break from popular music in the last couple decades, at least.

    3. "5 Rings" - Keepaway - Baby Style
    One of the band's mellower, more drawn-out tracks, "5 rings" builds up slowly and then sort of floats around for a few minutes at a time, changing things up when you think you're about to lose interest. The vocals drift back and forth between words and random noises, supporting the music's metamorphosis from blurry flowing to focused rhythm and back. Find Keepaway Sunday at Brooklyn Bowl, at 11PM.

    4. "Alter Ego" - Tame Impala -
    This Aussie hype machine sounds like Beatles 3000, utilizing a hipster mentality to trim their trippy harmonics, recalling the fab four (and sounding an awful lot like them). Catch them at Glasslands tonight (Friday).

    5. "I Ni Sogoma" - Dinosaur Feathers - Fantasy Memorial
    By now if you read Baeble you know these popsters from the big BK and their infamous drum machine laden bubble tunes. They're doing double duty at Public Assembly for two different showcases, one you already missed and one for the now defunct Pop Tarts Suck Toasted at Public Assembly (that's tonight).

    6. "Ivy League Circus" - Gordon Voidwell
    This Bronx native channels Toro Y Moi (or perhaps Toro channels Voidwell?). Either way his slick, funky tunes ride a similar wave of lush synthetics ready to splash your ears with some audible refreshment. Catch this beatsmith at Cantora Bowl, our very own Northside event, tomorrow (Saturday) night.

    7. "Pirates" - Tony Castles - Tony Castles
    This band sounds like sunglasses. Washed out vocals mixed with bass driven riffs always equals effortlessly cool aesthetics. But don't let this initial downtempo trakc fool you, (The) Tony Castles operate at all speeds, quick footed, mellow, and everything in between. They'll be at Cantora Bowl (Brooklyn Bowl) on Saturday night.

    8. "Sun of a Gun" - Oh Land -
    Oh Land is a chick from Denmark who makes pretty, minimalist pop that sounds informed by contemporary chanteuses -- Feist, Fiona Apple, etc. -- but veers in the more experimental, Nordic, Bjork-ian direction. Check her out 9 PM Sunday night @ Brooklyn Bowl.

    9. "Life Coach" - Fang Island - Fang Island
    Fang Island's debut, self-described as "everyone high-fiving everyone", is essentially ten songs worth of gleeful guitar heroics and chanted group vocals. And, as you would expect, it's awesome. Their live show is not to be missed. Fang Island play Public Assembly Thursday night

    10. "Brought It Out" - BRAHMS -
    BRAHMS are fronted by Cale Parks who's been a staple of the Brooklyn scene for sometime after playing under his own name and in several other bands. Like Parks' other work, BRAHMS rely heavily on electronic percussion and rhythm, but their main focus is on crafting some of the sleekest, starkest retro-sounding pop around. Catch them at Baeble's own Cantora Bowl Saturday night.

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