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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 2008

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    Boy, Sweden is hot right now. We don't mean wanna-go-to-the-beach or sweat-shop hot, we mean hot with new and, for lack of a better phrase, cool bands (think Shout Out Louds and El Perro Del Mar We shot her, remember?). And now, they are bands that conjure up "catchy and melodic" as well as "arty and emotional." And a nod from Gossip Girl? Dare we say, buzz worthy?

    Rickard Olsén (lead vocals, guitar), Jonas Westholm (bass) and Marcus von Boisman (drums, keyboards, backing vocals) were once known as a band called froid. After bringing in Petter Ingman on guitar & mandolin, the band was complete.
    The Windupdeads, as their are now known, are prepping for their self-titled debut in October, but fans of the ever-growing Scandanavian indie scene can definitely wet their pallate with these guys. They first appeared on the scene after "Reverse Of Shade" made an appearance on Gossip Girl, which is apparently following in the footsteps of shows like Grey's Anatomy and The O.C., who both use below-the-radar acts to pepper the soundtrack of the show (and sell the soundtrack to eager viewers). Regardless, we on the US side of things are glad these lovelorn rockers reaching our shores... because the music is good. Really good.

    Unfortunately for us North Americans, there are no current tour dates. However, the album drops here in October on One Eleven Records, and perhaps, if we all cross our fingers, we can see the boys in person and in action in a city near you. For now, we'll just keep adding to the Myspace spins. -joe puglisi

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    The Windupdeads on Myspace

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