The Glastonbury Festival Versus Everything
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016

    • Posted by: Allison Baritz

    Yesterday was the start of this years Glastonbury Festival. The gigantic festival filled with five days worth of acts, has been dampened by the latest events to affect England.

    For starters, the weather has been nothing short of awful. The grounds that the festival is located on are completely drenched and muddy as hell. The shitty weather has affected not only the actual venue but also the commute. Festival-goers were stuck in hours of traffic. When they finally arrived at the festival. Campsites turned to mud and were completely waterlogged. Thankfully, the weather began to let up on Thursday night and the grounds began to dry up.

    The weather only added insult to injury following the tragedy with the British Politician, Jo Cox Jo Cox, who was murdered on Thursday. Singer, songwriter, and activist, Billy Bragg led a vigil for Cox, and more than 10,000 mud-covered people gathered with Bragg who led them in singing, "We Shall Overcome."

    Many of the artists set to perform this weekend are also contributing to an album for an Oxfam Charity, which has been dedicated to the memory of Cox.

    As if things weren't already somber enough, as of last night's vote the UK has voted to break ties with the EU - which, heads up, is a very big deal, so much so that the Prime Minister is resigning over it. This morning people camped out at the festival woke up to the news in shock.

    Most people at the festival were all for the UK remaining a part of the EU. In front of the publicity tent there was a large IN" sign, obviously stating their desire to remain in the EU. Some festival-goers even draped themselves in blue and yellow EU flags or flew the flags over their camp tents in support of the European Union.

    Although the decision to leave the EU is not something that will go into effect overnight it is a heavy decision that has left the stock market and the world scratching their heads in confusion and disbelief.

    Blur frontman, Damon Albarn was the first performer to address the vote. He took the stage and said, So. Reasons to be cheerful. It's not raining.

    His opening words received a loud cheer from the audience. After his funny-yet-true intro. Albarn welcomed the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians. He introduced the musicians with a passionate speech about the daily struggles and hardship they face and the amount of terror and suffering they endure just to be able to unite and give their music to the world.

    Albarn's words definitely weighed heavier on the hearts of the audience as the announcement of the 'Brexit was on everyone's minds. Hearing Albarn's words and listening to the orchestra play their beautiful music was exactly what the festival needed.

    Albarn joined the Orchestra on guitar and sang vocals, backed by a chorus, for a fittingly somber yet amazing version of Blur's "Out of Time." After the moving performance, Albarn once more lifted the spirits of the crowd. He thanked the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians, made up of war-torn migrants, and joked with the audience saying "You cant believe the problems we've had with visas"

    This performance from Albarn and the Orchestra could have happened at a better moment, and gave everyone a reason to keep going and enjoy the weekend of music.

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