Muse Drones
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 2015

    • Posted by: CJ Harvey

    Though I can't pretend to be as hardcore as the majority of the other Muse fans in the world, I refuse to deny a catchy album where credit is due and Drones consists of 12 coherent, fairly catchy, but otherwise unremarkable songs..

    The first track, "Dead Inside," kicks things off with a strong, dark bang. The following songs sound as if they have heavy Green Day circa American Idiot influences complete with near-overpowering guitar and refreshing modern references. The concept of drones is modern enough to make Muse's lyrics feel relevant while the two military boot camp interludes give a more old fashioned tone of danger and tenseness.

    The album's finale consists of "Revolt," "Aftermath," and "Drones" which conclude the work with a much more stripped back sound. Prior to this, the only mildly calm portion of the album came from the Spotify ad promoting new yoga playlists. Drones explores the process of industrialization affecting humans and their nature and the emotions range from mutual anger to acceptance. These songs are a direct response to technology's unavoidable control over our every day lives and how freedom from this is nearly impossible to achieve.

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