Mixtape Wednesday: That New School, Old School Bump N Grind
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    Baby-making music at its finest. While the term R&B may refer to the 50s and 60s bluesy gospel sense of the genre, or the modern nonsensical term used to describe any track with a steady rhythm - here, on this playlist, there is only one meaning. This playlist pays homage to the 90s sense of rhythm and blues, the hip-hop tinged tracks that boast incredible vocal performances over the smoothest of beats. Here we have only the most soulful, the silkiest, the strongest, and the downright sexiest modern R&B tracks around. Not limited to slow jams, the sensual singer/songwriter tracks, irresistible pop hits, and rapper curveballs are here, too. Light up a couple of candles and get that bathtub water running.

    Of course the big names are here, Miguel and John Legend make more than one appearance. How could they not, though? Miguel's first two albums mark a revitalization in modern bed tracks, with "Do You" coming in as one of the greatest R&B songs of the past few years. Justin Timberlake, another big name, is present with a couple tracks from The 20/20 Experience. While more familiarly a pop artist, "That Girl" and "Pusher Love Girl" are a pair of love songs that show off an incredible performance over his signature groovy beats. The Weeknd is also a must have; perhaps the most sensual of all, he slows down his tracks and lets the deep bass hit hard along with his explicit lyrics. Then there is the king of R&B, R. Kelly. Kells' first album dropped in 1990, he is the classic sound that we are trying to achieve here. In 2013 he released Black Panties, an album not afraid to show us that he's grown a bit since his first release. Dirtier than ever, but just as good as ever.

    There's a few sleeper picks to take note of here, a couple names not as recognizable but just as powerful as the top dogs. Sevyn Streeter's "It Wont Stop" received some serious notice, understandably. A beautiful track, soft and powerful, Sevyn has made a good foundation for herself. Jeremih also returns with a new sound, dropping his older lively tone for some mellowed out vibe tracks. Unfortunately, some cuts had to be made and not everyone that deserves it could be included here. Some recordings have that soulful sound but just wouldn't quite fit along in the right way; but thirty-two tracks should be enough to last the night, one or two rounds.

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