Merriment Is Alive In Zach Vinson
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Zach Vinson, a Nashville indie pianist with the quintessential male-pop hairstyle, has been on a perilous journey with the music business. Between living in Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, and Boston, Vinson finally ended up in the Tennessee music epicenter in 2010, ready to evade the competitive and sinister parts of the industry. But, gaining a professional music career proved to be a taxing engagement. Vinson took the following years off to rediscover himself, his love for the art, and his own personal motives.

    Luckily for us, Vinson has returned offering a new EP and a new video for his song "You're the One". With flip-book magic and a luminescent stage, Zach Vinson and his band showcase the victorious spirit of defeating negative beliefs and continuing, confidently, down the music industry road. Evoking vibes from bands like The Head & The Heart and The Decemberists, Vinson's alluring piano pop is enthralling and unique while remaining true to influential bands who've come before him. In the midst of the indie-rock ensemble, it's the bright clang and rhythm of the piano chords that add nuance to the arrangement. Vinson's joviality about finding love through all the uncertainty is simultaneously a vehement testament to perseverance. Whether gaining love or success, it seems Vinson has found the secret to his happiness. Get the new EP How We Spend Our Days out now.

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