Sample Syllabus: If Kanye West Really Taught at Fashion School
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    The College Dropout Kanye West is carrying out his court-ordered community service by going back to college. After facing charges for allegedly attacking a paparazzi, West arranged a plea deal to avoid jail by instead agreeing to 24 months informal probation and 250 hours community service. But you won't find Ye helping out the kids struggling to survive in his beloved Chiraq, instead, according to TMZ, West has been exercising his hours at L.A. Trade Technical College, a school that specializes in designing apparel, where he spoke for three hours. This was reportedly his third visit to LATTC in six weeks.

    Just for shoots and Googles, we decided to put together a fake syllabus for a possible Kanye West college course. Enjoy.

    Course Syllabus
    Fashion for Redundant Reality TV 201

    Instructor: Dr. Kanye West, M.D., H.N.I.C.
    Office: N/A
    Email: (JK Dad!)
    Office Hours: Dawn


    - Two No. 2 Pencils (Ticonderoga ONLY)
    - Stunna Shades
    - Crucifix (hard woods ONLY) Measurements: 12' x 8'
    - Stainless steel chain mail (explained later)
    - Healing crystals (for safety)

    Purpose and Objectives

    I ain't going after nobody on the radio. I'm goin' after Shakespeare. Walt Disney. Mozart. Henry Ford. Howard Hughes. David Stern. Elon Musk. You can only achieve as high as your dreams.

    Lesson Plan

    1. The Deity and Disciples: Why Kanye West Is a God
    2. Skirts for Men: Why Scotland Was Right All Along
    3. Why My Bitch Is Best
    4. Baby Bjorns For Big Breasted Bitches

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