Single Serving: David Lynch Retro Raps a Bluesy Tale
    • MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    David Lynch seems to be everywhere lately. From being referenced in our recent review of Kanye West's Yeezus, to our list of his 5 best musical scenes, we've had the film mastermind on our brains. With his sophomore record, The Big Dream due out mid-July, don't be surprised if the chatter begins to heat up.

    Today, Lynch shared the album's first official song (his collaboration with Lykke Li "I'm Waiting Here" was a bonus track). The new tune is called "Star Dream Girl", and like all things Lynch, it comes attached to a detailed narrative, and is as enigmatic as youd expect. In a press release, Lynch described the song to be about a trek out to the Idaho desert to see Jerry Lee Lewis, who never showed up to perform. According to Lynch:

    After I moved away from Boise, Idaho, I came back in the summer of 61. Around that time, Jerry Lee Lewis was supposed to play at this big club in the Sagebrush Desert I think it was called the Miramar. Back then, these big events would catch peoples imaginations. They would take their motorcycles or hot rods to these remote places to see some star. So we all drove out to this place, but Jerry never showed up and people were really pissed off. 'Star Dream Girl has that same kind of charisma. People cant wait to see her and come from miles around...The lyrics came to me all at once, but there was no music yet. Then one night, Dean (Hurley) was playing guitar in the studio and I was egging him on when he caught a wave like the surfers out in Hawaii. He was in the tunnel manand the lyrics married with that ride.

    Its a chilling retro rap with a allegorical story, and its all tied together by a feverish, electric blues rhythm. Listen below.

    The Big Dream is due out July 16th in the US via Sacred Bones.

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