SPEED ROUND: 6 Albums Out Now That You Should Spin
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    Why does every artist have to drop their album on the same day? For us listeners, it's a challenge to catch up with every new release, especially when it's several different releases from all really exciting artists. So to cut through the noise and make sure you have all of your ducks in a row, we're briefly rounding up the most important albums to listen to this week.

    1. Imagine Dragons Evolve

    Their new album titled Evolve is out and judging from one of their singles, "Walking the Wire" the album feels like a happier upbeat indie pop song- unlike some of their past works. However like past albums, they've been known to have lighter songs and songs that include a much heavier and darker beat to them. This one song has some classic Imagine Dragons staples like claps to go to the beat during the chorus. This is their first album since 2014 with Smoke and Mirrors. Other songs to listen to: "Dancing in the Dark" and "I'll Make It Up To You"

    2. King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardMurder of the Universe

    Okay so kind of a scary name, but good music we promise! This album is split into three parts and includes 21 tracks including a lot of rock sounds that truly hit the ground running. This is actually going to be their second project of 2017 with their first one being the album Flying Mircotonal Banana which came out in February. Song to listen to on this album: "The Lord of Lightning" and "Digital Black"

    3. Vince StaplesBig Fish Theory

    Vince Staples has had many projects and EPs in the past, but now his album Big Fish Theory is now out and with it we get to see his range of rap to electronic-funk and various other genres. He has been compared to Kendrick Lamar for his honest and unapologetic lyrics and simply for the style that he raps. Songs to listen to are, "Crabs In A Bucket" and "Yeah Right."

    4. VERITESomewhere In Between

    VERITE gives us that soft yet deeply powerful voice and lyrics that make us feel like we are truly in a dreamworld. Somewhere In Between showcases her skills as a singer song-writer and how she is able to create music that ranges from more electronic sounds to soft piano chords.
    Don't forget to check out our writer's block session we had with VERITE! Songs to listen to: "Death Of Me" and "Better."

    5. AlgiersThe Underside Of Power

    Algiers give us a mix of soul, rock, and gospel punk. Their single "Walk Like a Panther" gave us a small taste of what the album reflects and is all about. Not many bands put soul and rock together, so they end up having a very unique sound. Songs to listen to on this album are "Hymn For An Average Man" and "Cry of the Martyrs"

    6. Laurel Halo – Dust

    Dust is Laurel Halo's first album in four years and it includes songs, "Jelly" and "Sun To Solar." Halo's electronic skills really prevail in these two songs. Various beats run through the songs from beginning to end so it is almost like her voice falls in as some sort of echo. Definitely an interesting listen. "Moontalk" is another good one to check out.

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