IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff


    Lorde - "Supercut"

    After listening to Melodrama nonstop, I've come to the conclusion that this is my favorite song on the record.

    Lorde - "Writer In The Dark"

    Well, "Supercut" and this song, "Writer In The Dark." I'm sorry guys, I'm picking two Lorde songs. She's all I've been listening to this week.

    The Drums - "Are U Fucked"

    I recently had the pleasure of talking to Jonny Pierce of The Drums about his new record Abysmal Thoughts and he explained that this was one of his favorite songs off the album… I could understand why.


    The Beatles - "A Day In The Life" (2017 Remix)

    As a lifelong Beatles obsessive, I've been absolutely gushing over the new Sgt. Pepper remaster that was released earlier this month. Without nerding out on the details, the album was basically digitally remixed and remastered from scratch, and it sounds absolutely amazing. Seriously, the Beatles have never sounded this freaking good; it's like listening to the album for the first time again. Any of the album's 13 tracks could've made this list, but in the end, I had to go with the band's epic magnum opus, "A Day In The Life." Nothing beats the sheer power and emotion of this track, and with the brand new mix, it sounds better than ever before.

    Lorde - "Homemade Dynamite"

    I'll be honest, but I never joined the wave of hype surrounding Lorde, despite the fact she basically took over the pop music landscape. Pure Heroine is a fine album, albeit a little slow, and "Royals" is cool but it's not a song I'd actively seek out. But, I think Lorde's won me over with Melodrama, because it's seriously a damn good record. "Homemade Dynamite" is a particular standout for me personally, because it has all the qualities that make Lorde such a compelling artist: Catchy, nostalgic, youthful, graceful, and so effortlessly cool.

    Fleet Foxes - "Kept Woman"

    Robin Pecknold, how I've missed you so. Fleet Foxes have always had a special place in my heart, as their 9/10/11 show at Berkeley's Greek Theater was my very first concert. It was truly a spiritual experience, but I also remember their drummer being really freaking weird. Wonder what happened to that guy... Anyway, I was obviously thrilled when the band finally put out Crack-Up, and I'm so glad to hear the band hasn't missed a step after being away for so long. While "Third of May / Odaigahara" is still probably my favorite track, the band's quiet moments are when they're at their best, which is why I think the luscious "Kept Woman" deserves a shoutout.


    John Maus - "Believer"

    When John Maus announced he was touring this summer–I didn't believe it. He hasn't toured in something like 5 years, he hasn't released an album since 2011, and he has no social media presence at all so by all accounts, he has just about disappeared. I knew I had to go and his first stop is oddly enough in my hometown of Portsmouth, NH so when I heard about the tour I called my Mother and let her know I was coming to visit this August!

    Chris Weisman - "Red Book"

    If you like eccentric lo-fi folk jams then you'll love Vermont based songwriter Chris Weisman. This song appears to be about books, but it is especially about a red book. "Red Book" is from his 2014 LP Monet In The 90's, which is one hell of a title and also one hell of an album.

    Young Thug - "Me Or Us"

    Who thought we'd see the day where Young Thug sampled Bright Eyes? No one, but it happened and the world is much better for it. This new song is a raw and sensitive moment for the rapper on his new album Beautiful Thugger Girls. In the song he sheds his role as a rapper and croons "Who you loyal to, me or us?" a line that would easily find itself in a Bright Eyes song.


    Wilco - "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart"

    The opening track to Wilco's masterpiece, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I've loved this song for a long time. I keep expecting to get tired of it, but I never do. Maybe that's because of how atmospheric it is, with the random noises that pop in and out making the song feel totally malleable. It's as reckless and out of control as Jeff Tweedy's lyrics detailing drunken regrets. That is, until it all comes together beautifully at the end. It's a journey.

    Neil Young - "Harvest"

    This is one of my favorite songs, purely from a writing standpoint. It's such an insightful look at sudden, unexpected changes of plans that enter our lives undesirably. Or, more specifically, it's a great story about a man coming into, not only a woman's life, but the life of her daughter. "Dream up, dream up/ let me fill your cup/ with the promise of a man," is easily in my top five lyrics of all time. I've been revisiting it a lot, this week.

    LCD Soundsystem - "I Can Change"

    This song just makes me feel so. Damn. Happy. We all have those songs that always, no matter what mood we're in, make us want to dance (or, if not, we all should!). "I Can Change" is one of those songs for me.


    Khalid - "Another Sad Love Song"

    There are a lot of Khalid song that I like but I realize I never actually got around to listening to his entire album until recently. After going through his song again I decided this was one of my new favorites. "Another Sad Love Song" does what a lot of his songs do - which is give us a nice beat and show us his amazing voice.

    STRFKR - "Open Your Eyes"

    Back in November STRFKR released the album Being No One, Going NoWhere and this was one of my favorite songs. I just found out that they released a single about a month ago titled "Downer", so I've been going back and checking out some of their best electronic indie beats.

    Father John Misty - "The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apt."

    I won't say I'm the biggest Father John Misty fan but I do like a few of the songs from I Love You, Honeybear. The best thing about this song is the first three notes that make it sound soft and cute and then the contrasting and sarcastic lyrics that follow. That's pretty much how the whole song goes and I honestly just think it's pretty funny.


    Playboi Carti - "Magnolia"

    It just has a really cool vibe to it. Plus, Jay-Z tweeted he likes it!

    Saba - "Stoney"

    This song just makes me want to drive around town with my friends…

    Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams & Katy Perry - "Feels"

    This has a super groovy sound to it and I like to pretend it's Gwen Stefani on the hook instead of Katy…


    Sun Ra - "That's How I Feel"

    Sun Ra was an idiosyncratic jazz artist whose pioneering career ranged from the 1930s into the 1990s. He is notable for his unorthodox beliefs (he claimed to be an alien, denying his legal identity) and his involvement with the Afrofuturism movement, but his music alone is simply astonishing. Continually at the forefront of music's technological shift, Sun Ra's sound was always evolving. 1978's Lanquidity fuses a litany of sounds, and "That's How I Feel" stands out thanks to it's absolute groove. The track's eight minutes are not enough.

    Madvillian - "Curls"

    Madvilliany is a collaboration between rapper MF DOOM ("Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name") and producer Madlib. Both men are rightfully considered at the top of their craft. DOOM's lungs offer him an unlimited supply of air, while his mind writes "enough rhymes to spread throughout the boundless universes." His effortless flow matched with Madlib's smooth, always-original production make their only collaboration, 2004's Madvillainy, an undisputed classic. "Curls," which was created using an obscure Waldir Calmon sample, is a quintessential offering from the album.

    Animal Collective - "Bluish"

    I'm not quite sure if "I'm getting lost in your curlllsssss" is super catchy, or if I've just listened to this song so much that it now permanently resides in my subconscious. Either way, I don't mind. Lyrically, this entire song is just lovely and the synths are absolutely enrapturing. Like much of 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion, what I consider Animal Collective's last great album, "Bluish" brushes the ears like lush cloud of sound.


    Sean Paul - "No Lie"

    Sean Paul and Dua Lipa make a great duo in this upbeat jam. Great song to bump during the pregame…

    Dastic - "Let Me Love You"

    This is a remake of Mario's "Let Me Love You," and it retains the sadness of marios classic, but remodeled with a fresh modern sound.

    Jidenna - "A Bull's Tale"

    This is off Jidenna's album The Chief and it is tough AF!
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