Grizzly Bear's 'Four Cypresses' is Epic and Entrancing
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    It's been five years since Grizzly Bear's excellent fourth album, Shields, came out, and fans of their experimental sound have been waiting patiently for their fifth record ever since. We've already heard a couple of great singles from the album, titled Painted Ruins and due out on August 18th, like the typically-psychedelic "Three Rings" and the atmospheric "Mourning Sound." But the newest Grizzly Bear release, "Four Cypresses," is easily the best single released from Painted Ruins so far! The whole track builds up in intensity as it goes, beginning with a lone drum beat and eventually ending in a landscape of reverbed guitars and ambient noise. It's epic, and Daniel Rossen's lyrics perfectly sum up the mood of the track in its entirety: "it's chaos, but it works."

    With "Four Cypresses," the band invites you away to strange, trippy world, while also providing some relevant commentary about the world we're living in today (Rossen wrote the lyrics about a homeless man's perspective on the refugee crisis). Because of lines like, "Great thundering noise/ from the hillside/ Some thousands of years built up/ some crumbling form to be torn down," the writing here is as haunting as the music surrounding it.

    Leave it to Grizzly Bear to record a song so engrossing that you simply won't want it to end. Seriously, this song demands to be played on repeat. If all three of the singles Grizzly Bear has released so far are indicative of what we can expect from Painted Ruins, then we're in for something special that will, without a doubt, be worth the long wait. Check out the entrancing "Four Cypresses" for yourself, as it's likely you'll be listening to it all day.

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