10 Artists to Listen to If You Love St. Vincent
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    This week it was announced that St. Vincent will be back on the road this fall for her "Fear the Future" tour, and everyone is understandably excited. St. Vincent, AKA Annie Clark, is an incredibly adventurous musician, known for her experimental sound and impressive guitar chops. With those qualities in mind, here's a short list of some similar artists you can hold yourself over on until her new album drops later this year. It ranges from the obscure to the more obvious, but regardless, all of these artists are people you should check out if you never got around to it.

    1. White Rabbits

    White Rabbits is one of those bands that, once you discover them, you feel immediately frustrated that they don't have a larger following. They make fantastic art rock, with experimental noises and catchy riffs. Remind you of anyone?

    2. Olga Bell

    Much like St. Vincent, Olga Bell makes music that is as unique as it is extravagant. Her music is much more electronic than St. Vincent's, but her hooks are just as catchy and she has a similar voice to Annie Clark. Bell also likes to experiment with bizarre vocal harmonies and dissonant chord progressions, and her music just has a fantastic personality to it. Take "Zone," for instance. If this video, which was filmed/choreographed in reverse, doesn't get you hooked, then I don't know what will!

    3. Perfume Genius

    Keeping in tune with this recurring theme of extravagance and experimentalism, we have the excellent Perfume Genius! His most recent release, No Shape, is one of this year's best so far. His music sounds as illustrious as anything St. Vincent has ever put out, and also as strange at times. It's honestly a wonder how he comes up with most of it.

    4. James Blake

    St. Vincent's incredible self-titled album, which was also her most recent release, featured a lot of synthetic sounds. You could just imagine Annie Clark looping a lot of the instrumentation on her laptop, and it worked to great effect. So, naturally, James Blake is someone you should check out if you were a fan of that. He's easily one of the best popular experimentalists out there right now. If you, somehow, haven't gotten around to listening to him yet, give him a go!

    5. Ariel Pink

    Another great, experimental musician! Ariel Pink's music often goes in a lot of unexpected directions, but it's almost always wonderfully bizarre and engrossing. His newest song, "Another Weekend," is a great indication of what you can expect from him. The song is also slightly reminiscent of St. Vincent's equally-spacious "I Prefer Your Love."

    6. Kate Bush

    Another rather obvious choice, but you really can't talk about St. Vincent without bringing up Kate Bush. She had a profound effect on Annie Clark, and, when you listen to the two back-to-back, it's clear that she was a huge fan. Since the 70s and 80s, Kate Bush has been the queen of eclectic art-pop experimentalism. Much like St. Vincent, she also made great baroque-pop. Any fan of St. Vincent owes it to themselves to take some time out to listen to one of her primary influences.

    7. Marnie Stern

    So, this one might seem like the oddest pick of the bunch (that's because it admittedly is), but hear me out. I put Marnie Stern on here for one really simple reason: great guitar playing, delivered with extravagance. And, after all, what better way is there to sum up St. Vincent?

    8. Forest Swords

    Again, if you liked the synthetic sounds of St. Vincent's self-titled album, here's an artist for you. Forest Swords is the project of English producer Matthew Barnes, who just put out an album this year, titled Compassion. Not sound like a broken record, but he's also wonderfully experimental!

    9. Grimes

    The art-pop musician Grimes is widely loved for many of the same reasons St. Vincent is. She makes fantastic synth-pop that is often as eclectic as it is adventurous, not to mention extravagant. She has an incredibly unique sound that is all her own, and her music is just so danceable!

    10. Talking Heads

    The most obvious suggestion in the history of obvious suggestions. But, much like Kate Bush, it's a necessary one. If Talking Heads are one of those bands that you know about, yet (somehow) never listened to, it will shock you how much influence they've had on St. Vincent (who even recorded an entire album in collaboration with David Byrne!). Just watch this live performance of "Life During Wartime." Annie Clark surely saw this live film, and found in it the inspiration she needed to make such well-choreographed live shows.

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