O-Town's First Music Video in Over 10 Years Is O-trocious
    • MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    Alright, this is what we're gonna do:
    We're gonna make a new music video and its gonna be hot!
    It'll feature all of us, and get this... we'll be in the desert.
    I'll wear my favorite fedora while you wear jeans and a sleeveless vest.
    You know, because you can.
    And, since the song is called "Skydive", one of us will like totally be free falling from space.
    Get it? Cause like, sky-diving?!
    Dude, it'll be sweet cause we're O-Town, right?!
    Just, wrong.

    The boy band that everyone loves to hate, O-Town, sometimes referred to as "oh god, that sounds awful!", is back with their first music video in over ten years and its as terrible as you thought it would be.

    Cringe at O-Town's newest single "Skydive" below:

    "Skydive" will be featured on O-Town's newest album Lines & Circles set to release on August 3rd.

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