MP3: Sufjan Stevens
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2011

    • Posted by: Gabby Green

    Filmmakers Scott Ogden and Malcolm Hearn have just released their documentary, MAKE, on DVD. The documentary examines the lives of four American artists, all of whom are restricted in their use of expensive materials, yet create create highly analytical and original pieces.

    The film served as the inspiration for The Age of Adz, Sujan Steven's most recent album, which was released in October. Stevens challenges his earlier folk tendencies in this album that utilizes heavier and less organized synth beats that mirror the anger, color, and paranoid schizophrenic anguish that is expressed in the science fiction posters of the self-proclaimed "prophet" Royal Robertson, one of the artists filmed in MAKE. Stevens employed Robertson's prints for the album cover and the liner notes of the CD. In conjunction with the release of the DVD, Stevens is offering a free download of "Get Real, Get Right" a track from the album. "Get Real, Get Right" offers science fiction diction throughout the song, such as, "Visit the future, visit the future from the outer space" and calls out to Robertson with the line "Prophet speak what's on your mind." Stevens truly does Robertson's work justice in "Get Real, Get Right" and we are sure that both the documentary and the album will give these artists the credit that they deserve.

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    MP3: "Get Real, Get Right"

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