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    • MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2008

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    Photos by Stefanie Giglio. See more photos HERE.

    The weather this past Saturday was strangely tame; as neither the heat wave nor the freak rain storms pummeling New York City lately made an appearance. Instead, After The Jump Fest went on to the tune of temperate, sunny weather and an incredibly diverse collection of independent artists jamming on multiple stages, one outside on North 6th Street, one in Galapagos and one in Music Hall of Williamsburg.The Baeble crew was lucky enough to not only attend and enjoy the festivities (plus food and beer), but to film some of the bands. We ran around and talked to a few of them, and they all seemed pretty excited to be there.

    Chairlift, comprised of three Brooklyn natives, rocked it out with their usual swagger. Singer Caroline chatted with us about her start, the influence of her art major, and her friendship with rising act Ponytail. We talked to them too, they seemed to return the sentiment (And also seemed a bit young... how old are they anyway?). Ponytail apparently met when they were randomly assigned to work together in an art class... go figure. They both went on the main stage and rocked out during the day... all for free. We heard rumors of a rooftop after-party, hosted by Chairlift, where the guys from Yeasayer showed up. Pretty cool.



    For the Baeble crew, however, the day was only half over. The evening benefit show hosted a variety of bands that we were fortunate enough to film. We chatted over by the merch table with Chris Ward from Pattern Is Movement, about their humble beginnings as a Christian rap group (Was he joking?), losing former members year by year, and their development of their own breed of math rock. Playing the show as a two piece, these guys brought a crazy amount of energy to the stage.

    Pattern Is Movement

    Then there was the golden child of the evening, the headlining giant, Health. The newly christened chosen ones of noise rock, this buzz band meant business, and made sounds we'd never heard before. We sat down with the guys before the show, in the green room. Benjamin Jared Miller, Jake Duzsik John Famiglietti and Jupiter Keyes seemed calm, and amiable, as they fairly calmly discussed their background and their music, and their favorite bands of the fest (all the bands we talked to appeared to be friends... coincidence?). Aside from some joking and laughing, they seemed tame. But whatever composure they displayed in the back room in front of a few blog radio people, and our interview camera, they shed completely when they took the stage, playing like they were in an epic fight of their lives against silence. They danced, they jumped, they convulsed, all to a barrage of beats, synth, screaming and noise. They won the battle, and the war.


    All in all the festival was a fantastic success; a multitude of bands got exposure, and tons of fans came out to enjoy music on the streets and inside MHOW. We got some great footage of the band mentioned, as well as another main act, Titus Andronicus. For now, check out the pictures and listen to the music. It's not quite the same thing as watching the show, but for now, it'll have to do. If you missed the festival, don't miss the action...keep watching the site for the shows as they premiere here on Baeble. -joe puglisi

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