5 Reasons Why We're Losing Our Minds Over Billie Eilish
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

    • Posted by: Adrianne Torea

    1. Age Ain't Nothing But A Number…But Wait…She's 16?
    Billie Eilish hates when people ask her age…but seriously, it's hard to tell. The only time she really gave away her age was when she admitted that she thought Bill and Hillary Clinton were brother and sister. This girl has good genes…the genes where you just never go through that awkward ugly chubby phase. She said in an interview once that she did the thing at the fair where they guess your age, and they guessed 20 and she was like, "actually I'm 12". It's hard not to be obsessed with the fact that she's 16 and has more swag and style than all of us combined. Maybe we feel like we can relive our youth by investing ourselves into her life? Because if we could go back to 16 years old and be anyone but ourselves, we pick Billie Eilish. 16 years old with an acclaimed debut EP, nearly sold-out tour, and millions of monthly streams on Spotify. Meanwhile at 16 we were just writing answers on the palm of our hand trying to pass the AP exam.

    2. She's Got A Dark Vibe
    It's like she was taken straight out of The Conjuring or some bad horror movie like that. She has said multiple times in interviews that she hates smiling. In fact, her debut EP is called don't smile at me…and we kind of love that. For 16, she's pretty insightful into societal norms, like, feeling obligated to smile back at someone in passing on the street to be polite. Well she's not about that life…Billie Eilish might make smiling not cool. Smiling is so last year. Get ready for angry selfies on Instagram. She's been featured in Vogue, Galore, Vanity Fair and more…and guess what, she's glaring in every photo, looking slightly possessed. We have a thing for people that are always gloomy….just look at The Weeknd. Billie Eilish just isn't your typical sweet and girly teenage pop star…one of her hit songs, "Bellyache" is about murdering her friends. Oh, and she tweets things like "I'm obsessed with pain".

    3. Sibling Love
    She's proof that older brothers can in fact be caring and supportive…must be nice. Her older brother Finneas is her partner in crime, as they've co-written a lot of songs and recorded most of her EP in his bedroom. My older brother was either in his room with the door locked playing video games or trying to shoot me with a paintball gun in the backyard…in case anyone was wondering.

    4. She Treats Her Fans Like Humans
    Billie has a radio show with her brother called "groupies have feelings too" on Beats 1 radio, where she plays her favorite songs and reiterates that all fans have feelings. She has said that she doesn't just want to take photos with her fans. She wants to talk with them and know how their day went or what they had for breakfast. Oh, and if you ever attend a Billie Eilish concert, be prepared for moms and middle schoolers front row screaming and crying, because all ages can attend.

    5. The Khalid Collab
    Who is the world also obsessed with lately? Khalid. Who did Billie recently collab with? You guessed it, Khalid. Khalid is also known to go out of his way for his fans, so they're a good match. They both have unique voices that we havn't really ever heard, and a Khalid collab is just a recipe for success. And now I can't stop saying Khalid collab. Khalid collab Khalid collab Khalid collab Khalid collab Khalid collab Khalid collab. If you learned nothing about Billie Eilish after reading this, at least you came away with a good tongue twister.

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