Misterwives Takes Us Back To Where It All Began
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Misterwives are a strange little -- but actually huge -- band that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. The day after the 6-piece group played their very first show at the Canal Room in New York, they were signed to Photo Finish Records… Clearly it had to be a pretty great first show to swing that deal. Ever since then, they released their Reflections EP, their debut album Our Own House, and most recently their sophomore LP, Connect The Dots. They even stopped by the Baeble basement for an intimate session on their way up. In addition to the consistent releases, they've also jumped from playing the Canal Room to opening for Panic! At The Disco at Madison Square Garden. "We always joked before we'd go on stage, we'd put our hands in and be like, ‘let's play this one like it's Madison Square Garden!' and then this time we're actually playing Madison Square Garden…" the band said, in total disbelief of how far they've come.

    Their success is no secret, so we wanted to rewind and take the band back to where it all began: Astoria, Queens. Not that the band needed to be reminded of their roots though, because they turned out to be one the most down-to-earth bands we've ever had the pleasure to work with. We arrived at Astoria Soundworks, the band's first rehearsal space about four years ago, to talk about their music then and where they are now. "This is the first spot we ever reheard at as a band, this is kind of where we've started," powerhouse vocalist Mandy Lee said. "I remember getting through the first song we've ever played -- "Oceans" -- and you could hear a pin drop… This is what we've all been searching for independently and just to have everyone in the room feel the exact same thing was something we'll never forget."

    The band went on to tell me about their summer adventure, which they called Band Camp, and no, it's not like the platform where artists all share their music. This was like an actual summer camp at a member's family's house, where they took a staycation and did fun things like hang around the bonfire, go swimming, play games, and chill in a wine cellar. And that's what has inspired their Band Camp tour. "All of these things were just a nice release to not make it so stressful, so when you got down to recording music it didn't feel like ‘okay guys, crunch time.' It was all in this nice continuous breath of fun."

    When we finished up at Astoria Soundworks, we took a walk over to one of their first homes together -- the stoup with all of the memories (Mandy and Will moved in together after only a week of knowing each other). Side note: it was also the hottest day of the year and I was wearing a faux leather jacket... But I didn't take it off because, um, this is the music industry and you gotta stay committed.

    Not only did I get to explore beautiful Astoria, Queens, but I got to do it with amazing company. All members of the band immediately made the entire Baeble crew feel as if they were a part of their hood -- we even joked about bringing me in as a 7th member (call me!). Not that they need another member, but it was nice to be hang out with a group of people that felt more like a family rather than a band.

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