Drake Releases New Song 'Signs' For Louis Vuitton Fashion Show
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    At the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show today, Drake released a new song titled "Signs" and everyone in attendance got a first listen to the new track. Ovo partnered up to with Louis Vuitton to create the soundtrack to the show, and Drake got to be apart of it, and hopefully it will be available on streaming services soon. The song itself sounds like something that could be and extra track on More Life. It has the same drumbeat in the background that is easy to dance to–or strut to at the Louis Vuitton show for Paris fashion week that is. Like many of the tracks on More Life, this song has that same theme of a heavy bass and fast-paced drums that are all a part of a minute long intro.

    The song is a bit similar to "Madiba Riddim" or even the vocals on "Get it Together." With these songs and with "Signs" Drake takes the style of singing low and almost quietly instead of rapping the song with aggressive verses. Though the song isn't anything groundbreaking for Drake or really much different than some of his jams on More Life, it definitely works with people walking for a fashion show. The track is upbeat enough without it being overkill or out of place. The long outro works pretty well for walking, too.

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