WTF: Forever 21 Tries To Live The Life of Pablo
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Jacob Swindell-Sakoor

    Ah, WTF moments. Life is so chock full of them. From the first time your mom tells you "No" to the time your boss asks you to stay late with no over-time, life is plenty full of WTF moments. Today, we're taking some time to honor Forever 21 for having one of many, WTF moments.

    Kanye West Life of Pablo

    If you're a fan Kanye West and all his latest antics then you surely know that back in February during his album rollout/Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, that he debuted his Life of Pablo merchandise. Kanye's merch has been a fan favorite and there's been a slew of rip-offs from sellers online. While independent eBay sellers making a fake version of something popular is nothing new, a major corporation blatantly taking someone's idea is bound to raise some eyebrows. Recently, and not surprisingly, Forever 21 released a shirt that bears a striking resemblance to Mr. West's Life of Pablo merch.

    The shirt has a reference to Simon Cyrene on it. For those that need to brush up on their Sunday school knowledge, Simon Cyrene is the man that carried Jesus' cross to his place of crucifixion under the order of the Roman empire. History lessons aside, this isn't the first time a brand such as Forever 21 has copied a major fashion trend and it wont be the last. Yeezy fans won't stay quiet about this one. Forever 21 youve officially played yourself. You can only feel like bleach on a t-shirt at times like these.

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