Uh, What? Hak Is Leaving Ratking?
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Jacob Swindell-Sakoor

    Bands and music groups usually don't last too long. Egos, money, or both tend to get in the way of what once was a unit making really great music. With Ratking, (the rap trio from NYC), it seems that for now, those realities apply. Recently in an interview with i-D, Hak delved into his ambiguous reasons for leaving the group. When asked about the split Hak said, "Too many cooks in the kitchen and too many men. I need balance." The Harlem MC also said "It's all love that I project towards them, but I just felt like I wasn't being treated nicely to keep it in a hunnid, they didn't see me for me."

    Well, apparently Wiki felt differently as he sent out some not so sub tweets last night:

    While the future of Ratking is questionable, you can listen to Hak's first single, "Aura" from his album June below:

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