Lissie's Midwestern Dream
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Accidents happen. You're dead tired, have just made a major, life-changing decision, and just want to follow a dream that has nothing to do with the previous dreams you have been following. That's the story that seems to be at the heart of Midwestern-Turned-Californian-Turned-Midwestern-Again, Singer-Songwriter, Lissie Maurus. My Wild West, Lissie's newest album was the unexpected byproduct of a life change. "I moved back to the Midwest," Lissie recently told us. "I had always wanted to have a farm in Iowa at some point in my life, so last year I just thought now's as good a time as any."

    Up until that point, Lissie had called various parts of California home...that is, when she wasn't touring the world and winning over fans like Ellie Goulding and Snow Patrol. But her roots called her home, and with it a different approach to her music. "I'm going to take a break, I'm going to start solo touring, I'm NOT going to make an album." Ah, but that time-honored, "best laid plans of mice and men" saying seems to ring true here. "Well, I actually haven't even lived on my farm yet. I've been touring...and really between March and June (last year) I ended up making an album that I said I wasn't going to make in a very relaxed fashion. With the album coming out, I started band touring again with different musicians." Oops.

    That album is titled My Wild West and is an ode to her second home in California. It's dotted with tracks titled "Hollywood", "Wild West", and "Ojai" and the non-stop promotion cycle recently brought her by our Industry City lookout for a Baeble NEXT session. And though a lot of the material on the new album is inspired by the Pacific Coast, if anything, our session proves she is one country-bred, vocal powerhouse, ricocheting off picturesque, Midwestern silos and echoing across the heartland. She's the product of her it's natural that she would return home for a little life inspiration.

    But, Lissie still has plans...big big plans! "There's an old dairy barn on the property. It's not in any shape to be a studio yet, but my long-term plan is to turn the dairy barn into, not only a studio, but a guest space/cozy den-like space. To have this little creative oasis, because I am on the road all the time. And I am in cities. So to be able to have that contrast of having a peaceful place where I can be creative on my own. I have a pond on my property. Let's go swimming! Let's have a cook out. Let's make a song. Have it feel like a leisurely creative space." Sounds like an open invitation to us Lissie! We're on our way.

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