The Electronic Disco Funk Of Smashing Satellites
    • MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Disco gets a bad rap. I know what you're thinking. I can already hear you screaming "Disco sucks" like you're the kids from Freaks & Geeks in the series finale (God, what a great show. Whoever canceled that should be reincarnated as a slug), but now that we're removed from the worst commercial excess of the genre (and Daft Punk made it cool again with "Get Lucky"), it seems possible to appreciate the sheer dance-hall joy of the best of the genre. And with Smashing Satellites, that neo-disco revival has reached a beautiful flowering.

    We had the chance to talk with the dance-rock act about their latest single, "Us," off their new record, SonicAluzion (You can buy it here). Pairing disco beats with summery synths and fiery guitar lines, "Us" is a vivacious and, most importantly, fun track. I want to grab a fruit-laden cocktail, head to the beach, and dance in the surf as this track plays over a nearby boombox. It's the sort of track that would feel equally at home with Daft Punk or Passion Pit fans. Be sure to check out the song and our conversation with the band below.

    You find a groovy middle ground beneath your pop-rock vocals; where do you see yourself fitting in amidst this electronic funk revival were going through?

    Smashing Satellites: I honestly never think about fitting in. I'm more concerned with existing among. I want to exist in many different worlds of music, which is why I dabble into many different genres and form it into my own sonic landscape. Music is similar to life - you're never really yourself or at a place of happiness if you're trying to fit in. It's better to just exist as you are. I think the majority of the human race prefers to see artists in their purest and most honest form.

    Near the end of the track, there is a little taste of your guitar soloing skills that harken back to your time with My Darkest Days. Is there more room for this to shine on future tracks?

    Yes - totally. Playing guitar is such a HUGE part of who I am. I'm always trying to grow as a guitarist outside of even growing as an artist. As a matter of fact, I'm in Europe right now and just went to Barcelona, Spain where if met up with a luthier who hand makes flamenco guitars. I picked one out that is just beautiful and it has already inspired me to write more songs. I love all the great guitarists in history from many different genres, and I think that although you don't here guitar solos in pop music much anymore, when people do see it they love it. It's all about being tasteful. I want to bring that back. As much as I am a singer and songwriter, playing guitar is one of my greatest joys.

    There's a lot happening on "Us," using your instrumentals to find that funky electronic beat; will there be any more stripped down tracks on SonicAluzion?

    Yes there will be. However, you know, at the end of the day I never go into the studio thinking about how much or how little I want to produce a song. It just kind of happens. Sometimes the song calls for more and more, and sometimes less and less. To answer your question though, there are songs on the record that showcase both sides of the spectrum while maintaining beautiful textures.

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