Blackmill Wants You To 'Feel That Love Again'
    • MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2015

    • Posted by: Aviva Bogart

    Blackmill's music is intoxicating, hypnotic, and emotional in a way that most music strives to be. His single, "Feel That Love Again" feat Graham Brown, encapsulates so much of the intention behind Blackmill. This one man dubstep act is profound, and while Robert Card might be a mere 20 years old, he has articulated a far more mature truth than his age would suggest. Listening to "Feel That Love Again," there's a very stark polarity being set up between feeling dead and feeling alive, fantasy and reality, cold and sunshine, closed and open,and feeling alone and feeling in love.

    Blackmill is romantic yet there is no other. There is just the I that is experiencing. The melodic dubstep exhibits a certain sensitivity to life, and the choices we make in how we choose to live it. Card hopes you choose to fall in life, and that you strive always, to "Feel That Love Again."

    With Miracle being received as a top tier melodic dubstep album, why such a lengthy hiatus for another official release?

    Blackmill: Well, when we create something we receive the idea, then we put that idea into existence. During this time I did not receive any ideas worth making into full tracks. I still created music everyday but it was not fully developed. "Feel That Love Again" was one of these 'unfinished' ideas that I brought into fruition.

    The track bumps up the bpm and replaces some of the pulsating rhythms found in your older work with a more jazzy baseline and a fuller house beat. What encouraged the switch up to this tropical house style?

    I get random ideas all the time. I produce a vast array of electronic music so one day I decided I would bring the beat down to the 100bpm mark, which I liked. Then I emphasized the off beat with the bass. Funnily enough I had no idea this was even a known genre until I uploaded it and was informed on the tube of you (YouTube).

    Is this a side of your work we can expect to see more of?

    I can see myself making another track or two in this style but I don't plan ahead on where I evolve my sound to. One day it just seems right, like a cup of tea may just seem right at a point in time, but other times it won't.

    Knowing that the vocals are coming from a childhood friend of yours adds to the summertime vibe of the track. Do you see yourself working with Graham Brown again?

    I do indeed. Being close friends we can bounce off each other's ideas and the ease of asking him to sing in a particular way is always a delight.

    Graham, you feel more at home and free to sing here than on the acoustic covers and soft rock tracks found on your Soundcloud; was recording vocals for a house record something you've been wanting to get into?

    Thank you, experimenting with different genres is great for anybody I think. There are always going to be new things you learn that you never would have staying with the same style becoming a bit monotonous to your audience, but also to yourself as the momentum fades away. Robbie and I have grown up together since the age of 5, when you know someone that well it makes things so easy. You understand what each other are thinking and it is simple to put an idea across without worrying if the other will think it is rubbish! I would love to work on other house records but I don't think I would tie myself to a style, the world is constantly moving and we all move with it.

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