deastro moondagger
    • MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2009

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    Deastro is a master at creating alternative worlds, full of colors and miniscule shapes spiraling into new patterns and formations, bells and twinkles and hundreds of electronic noises mashing into pop. More than that, though, more than the layers of spacey fantasy sounds and images that Moondagger paints, these are genuine, relatable pop songs. A hook, a bouncy melody, that tangles an unsuspecting listener into this world, might not be so bad of a sacrifice. Deastro's stories are rich and energetic, bright and none-suspecting of harsh gray bricks of this reality, instead sight set on beyond, beyond, stars and galaxies and an optimism 22-year-old Randolph Chabot is convinced of.

    "Day of Wonder" is a song of wonder, as well, distant technicolor melodies a highway for reality and wishes, this assured colorful symphony that "all sorrows will pass away." "Vermillion Plaza" recounts an epic story spliced in between frenzied frantic beats and a song that matches its pace and plotline. Title track "Moondagger" is a catchy, energetic high pitched sprinkles of electronic melodies swirling to a full, satisfying expansive chorus.

    "Parallelogram" is a blissful journey, a catchy, carefree twinkling ascent to somewhere Chabot's voice finds home, a song that is backed by the hundreds of spinning sounds and a glowing smile. These echo a touch of the Flaming Lips, at their most free and generous time, this nearly nave joy erupting in electronica wonderland. Little robots each broadcasting a different fluorescent color jump roping to these songs seems utterly likely. And, of course, for the casual listener on earth, this layer of joyful dream-like electronica pop should at least bring some relief that the world is not as hopeless, lifeless and void between impersonal technologies as it seems. -Laura Yan

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