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    • MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2009

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    murder mystery

    Like a boyscout, I was fully prepared for going to the Northside Music Festival in Brooklyn. I had my wallet, ID, camera, and glasses with no lenses to make myself seem cooler. I began Friday night with Murder Mystery. The poppy indie style had me instantly hooked as I bopped along to their tunes. Towards the end of the set they decided to play a song cautioning the audience saying, "we have never gotten this right in rehearsal so brace yourselves." With little ambivalence they performed flawlessly and met each other with high fives.

    Next came BLK JKS who hailed all the way from South Africa to perform their take on rock music with a dub and ethnic kick. People were packed into the place and were instantly drawn to the rock n' roll infused with South African culture that BLK JKS brought. BLK JKS's style had a lasting impression among the concert goers. They took having a small stage into their advantage and were not afraid to dance and get the crowd excited.

    As Sunday brought the festival to an end, I went back to Public Assembly to enjoy the jazzy stylings of Kneebody. Their indie and virtuoso take to modern day jazz was something I wasn't expecting at a Brooklyn festival, but it did not disappoint. I left the Northside festival with the knowledge that not all the acts were based on the influence of a synthesizer. - Rani Mackevich

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