NOW PLAYING: The Wonder Years Play Rock and Roll Like They Mean It.
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 2018

    • Posted by: Adrianne Torea

    This just in! The guitar is NOT dead. It's not even ailing...just ask The Wonder Years. Well, actually, just watch this session and they'll tell you. The melodic, punk outfit from Pennsylvania stopped by Baeble recently for a little change of pace, performing three acoustic tracks with - GASP! - three guitars.

    A band that once started out as a joke now credits 6 full-length albums, two EPs, and 13 strong years of jamming out to thousands and thousands of people to their name. Oh, and don't forget about this beautiful Baeble NEXT session. Led by Dan 'Soupy' Campbell, the band brought poppy, punk goodness of course, but they also brought the stories behind the three songs offered here. And we love a good story. Campbell told us of the bands heartening experience in Chile that lead to the name of their album and title track, Sister Cities.

    The Wonder Years probably can't be summed up any better than what Hanif Abdurraquib wrote in their bio for the new album: "They play rock and roll and they play it like they mean it". If you're not quite sure how to conceptualize that statement, Campbell put it like this...nerve damage. When they perform, they go, they put their whole bodies into it. Kind of like football players. And when they play that hard night in and night out, sometimes it results in a little nerve damage...but you'll have to watch the session for more details. The band started with "Pyramids of Salt", followed by "Cardinals", and concluded the session with "Sister Cities", the title track from their latest album.

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