SZA's Video For 'Drew Barrymore' Stars The Actual Drew Barrymore
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    SZA's song "Drew Barrymore" from her new album Ctrl now has a video directed by Dave Meyers, and it just so happens to include a short appearance by the actual Drew Barrymore. The video takes us on a ride in a cold New York night, and it matches SZA's intimate yet unapologetic lyrics like, "sorry I'm not more attractive, sorry I'm not more lady like." When SZA asks "am I warm enough for you?" these words provide a contrast with the whole video being set in winter.

    But the real question is - what does this song have to do with Drew Barrymore? I haven't seen a Drew Barrymore movie in a while, but a lot of the time she is portrayed in movies as someone who is insecure, and according to the lyrics and video, that seems to be a lot of what SZA is feeling as well. The singer goes back and forth, questioning whether or not she is good enough but then reminds herself that she often forgets what she is truly worth.

    The video goes back and forth between the hazy scene of the party and after the party and ends with the grayness of the winter. Though the song is searching for this end to loneliness and insecurity, the video ends happily, with SZA and her friends enjoying themselves on a snowy roof despite the literal (and figurative?) cold that she might feel.

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