10 Songs That Remind You Why You Love The Killers
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Meredith Nardino

    It's been five years since everyone's favorite glam rockers released a new album, but The Killers are finally back in action. They're known for their otherworldly, unabashedly dramatic songs that hit the radio with as much excitement and bold personality as seen on the Vegas strip. Over their decade long career, The Killers have dropped some classic tracks - and their fair share of duds. To celebrate the announcement of their fifth record, Wonderful Wonderful, here's a look back at the band's top ten songs.

    10. "Ultra Violet (Light My Way)"

    While not an original track by The Killers, this cover fits right in with the rest of the band's discography. Part of the 20th anniversary re-release of U2's legendary Achtung Baby, The Killers approach "Ultra Violet" with integrity, remaining true to both themselves and the original version. The special edition of the album features everyone from Jack White to Depeche Mode, but The Killers are clear standouts; the 1991 tune shows off Brandon Flowers' impressive range so well it's almost as if he wrote it himself.

    9. "Shot At the Night"

    Right around 2013 is when The Killers started to lose some of their edge. What was once an ambitious, energetic band slowly became a caricature of itself, jumping too eagerly at any chance to remind people they're from Las Vegas they can get. However, "Shot At the Night" is an undeniably brilliant song that feels just as cinematic and romantic as their earliest work.

    8. "Change Your Mind"

    This track from the Killers' debut album Hot Fuss is arguably one of their most underrated. Hot Fuss is the album that defined the characteristics we all have come to recognize from this band, and "Change Your Mind" delivers on each and every one - a lovelorn narrative, catchy chorus, and tasteful touch of synth. Flowers usually isn't recognized for his lyrical ability, but listen closely to "Change Your Mind" and it's like reading poetry.

    7. "This Is Your Life"

    This Day & Age track is often overlooked, even though it's a mainstay of the band's live shows. "This Is Your Life" is mellow but enormous, a respectable homage to 80s greats like Duran Duran and The Cure. Though this album is generally underwhelming, "This Is Your Life" is a timeless listen. It sounds like those nights spent driving aimlessly through town with friends, surrounded by neon lights and reckless youth.

    6. "Bones"

    Somehow, this Sam's Town track never got too much attention from anyone other than hardcore Killers fanatics. "Bones" is a perfect example of how a song's catchy chorus can mask its slightly uneasy connotation. This single may not have charted as well as Sam's Town hit "When You Were Young," but it did earn a Tim Burton-directed music video as a consolation.

    5. "Sam's Town"

    The title track from The Killer's 2006 sophomore record perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album. If Sam's Town was a movie soundtrack, this song would play as the audience is introduced to the angsty teen protagonist who wears 'vintage' t-shirts and covers every inch of their bedroom with Morrissey posters. It makes you feel restless, like you would do anything to escape the dusty backroads of your desolate hometown.

    4. "Mr. Brightside"

    Anyone who's been to a dive bar in a college town knows this is always the last song of the night, welcomed with loud cheers and the kind of off-key singing that's so terrible it's somehow good. As easy as it is to claim "Mr. Brightside" as a guilty pleasure, part of me isn't guilty about liking it at all. This song encompasses everything the Killers are about - romantic power anthems filled with the perfect balance of loud guitar and subtle synth. "Mr. Brightside" defined the Killers' legacy as much as it defined a generation of over-eager emo teens.

    3. "For Reasons Unknown"

    "For Reasons Unknown" is a textbook Killers track that sits comfortably between fuzzy alt-rock and overblown pop ballad. There are a lot of intentional imperfections on this song, which makes it stand out from the polished edges of the band's later work. Often critiqued for being the "Mr. Brightside" of Sam's Town, it takes a few listens to fall in love with this song. But once you do, it's cemented in your brain as one of The Killers' best kept secrets.

    2. "Read My Mind"

    "Read My Mind" is probably the first time I really felt blown away by The Killers. Flowers once claimed this Sam's Town classic is the best song the band has ever written, despite the fact that producer Alan Moulder said it was "trying to make 'Peggy Sue' into 'With Or Without You.'" Even if you have nothing to feel nostalgic about, this song will have you in a melancholy day-dream pining for the good old days (also known as 2006).

    1. "All These Things That I've Done"

    This is such an impressive song that it's hard to believe it appears on the band's debut album. No matter who you are, no matter what kind of music you like, it's impossible to not love this song's infectious energy. The Grammy-nominated single has been covered by bands from all ends of the spectrum, including U2, Imagine Dragons, and Walk the Moon. Another Hot Fuss standout, "All These Things That I've Done" perfectly outlines why The Killers are still so iconic.

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