10 Artists You'll Love if You're A VERITE Fan
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Kelsey Byrnes, best known as her stage name VÉRITÉ, has been the talk of the electro-pop scene for quite some time now. Her take on the 1975's "Somebody Else" rapidly gained popularity last year, and her own tracks quickly followed suit. Byrnes has released an EP each year since 2014, and now we're finally less than a week away from the arrival of her debut album Somewhere in Between on June 23rd. Because we know how long everyone has been waiting for this album, and because we know how easily it is to over play an artist's music when it's all you have to listen to–we've compiled a list of 10 artists with a similar sound to VÉRITÉ's so that you can overplay them instead while you wait, and expand your music library at the same time.

    1. Banks

    Banks is pretty much the queen of electro-pop herself. She began releasing music back in 2013 and has since then released two full length albums, Goddess (2014) and The Altar (2016).

    2. Trella

    Trella is definitely a new name to many, but she won't be for long. Her 2016 track "Retreat" has accumulated over 1.2 million plays on Spotify, and in addition to this her first EP Vapor was released earlier this year and features 5 tracks in addition to "Retreat."

    3. XYLO

    XYLO is a brother-sister duo who began gaining popularity in 2016 with dark-chill track "America" from their debut EP. Fast-forward to their first release of 2017, "I Still Wait for You," that is already one of the most banging pop tracks of the year. Waiting for their debut album may be just as hard as waiting for VÉRITÉ's.

    4. Handsome Ghost

    Handsome Ghost is the project of singer/songwriter Tim Noyes. Noyes creates dreamy electro-pop bangers that cover a wide array of new sounds and lyrical topics. Back in 2016 in the midst of touring with Melanie Martinez, Handsome Ghost released The Brilliant Glow aka six tracks of absolute, pure excellence. The second track, "Eyes Wide," features Whole Doubts and currently has 13.6 million plays on Spotify.

    5. Wrabel

    Wrabel is in the business of bringing listeners to tears while also leaving them dancing to his emotional pop driven music. His massive summer 2016 hit "11 Blocks" is the leading track on his second EP We Could Be Beautiful released just a few months ago.

    6. LÉON

    LÉON is a singer/songwriter hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Her debut EP Treasure, was released in 2015 and included her hit "Tired of Talking" which now has close to 50 million Spotify plays. In March, LÉON debuted another four track EP titled For You.

    7. Ryn Weaver

    Best known for her 2014 banger "OctaHate," Ryn Weaver is a rising pop queen. Her debut album was released in 2015 and is composed of 11 beautifully crafted tracks. She's been fairly lowkey since then, she might be the next artist we'll need to create a list for to hold us over until she releases new music.

    8. Kevin Garrett

    Kevin Garrett mixes R&B/Soul sounds with pop vibes tied together with his angelic vocals. His EPs Mellow Drama and False Hope but these sounds on display perfectly, while also showing Garrett's depth and range. Also, as if the overall sound wasn't pleasing enough, his songwriting abilities really puts him over the top.

    9. Machineheart

    Machineheart is the synthpop band that you didn't know you so badly needed in your music library until now. After gaining immense popularity from their songs "Circles" and "Stonecold," the band has spent some time touring and perfecting their sound. Less than two weeks ago they released their Cruel World EP, which if you haven't given it a listen yet–you need to do so ASAP.

    10. Lapsley

    British singer/songwriter Lapsley has been creating music for well over 4 years at this point, and she keeps getting better and better. Two EPs and a couple of singles later, Lapsley released her 12 track debut album Long Way Home and it was everything anyone could have wanted it to be. One track on the album, "Hurt Me," is nearing 48 million Spotify plays.

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