• TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016

    • Posted by: Lea Weatherby

    In the video for The Chordae's infectious pop-rock track, the band suits up for an emotionally powered, neon and glitter embellished visual for "Get The Feeling."

    With the help of Leo Sawikin's versatility as a singer, the four-piece has an undeniable affinity for melody and instrumentation that beautifully captures love and loss in Manhattan's Upper West Side.

    "My songwriting is an expression of how I feel on a certain day. Everything from the food I eat, to the weather affects the kind of songs I make. Everything good that I've ever written, basically wrote itself. I don't conceive of melodies, I hear them and then they just are. The process is very unconscious and automatic and has been happening for as long as I remember."- Leo Sawikin

    Watch the video above for a slow motion, polaroid burning, face-slapping glimpse into the band's lush pop-rock track.

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