Be A Part of The Noise with Philip Glass in Time Square
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    The gap between musician and fan has been closing, all thanks to the internet. SoundCloud gives us access to their most recent work. Twitter gives us insight into their lives. Kickstarter lets us fund their work. We've never been closer to the goings-ons of musicians. Still one process remains pretty illusive, even to the die-hard fan and that is recording. Every once in a while, the bands we love leave the tour circuit and retreat into recording studios. Instruments are played, lyrics are sung and somehow out comes a record. The closest most fans have been to this process is attending a concert that gets taped as a live recording. But even in these cases, you're never really "on" the record. However, today you might get that chance.

    In celebration of composer Philip Glass's 75th birthday and the summer solstice, NPR has teamed up with Make Music New York for a live recording of Glass's new piece The New Rule. It is a combination of poetry by Rumi and Monsters of Grace, which was written by Glass. It is to be recorded in Time Square at 6:30 pm. At Father Duffy Square, amateur and advanced singers alike are invited to take part in the eight-part mixed chorus. They will be led by conductor Kent Tritle.

    When I think of Times Square, I image hordes of tourists and people dressed up as Sesame Street characters. It is hard to envision a small army of classically trained vocalists taking the Square. The event will be quite the undertaking. So will the chorus rise like angels out of the din of the city or will it be a bunch of tone-deaf bystanders standing in groups? Download the score and find out.

    "Don't Go Back to Sleep" from Monsters of Grace:

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