That's A Wrap: Foster The People
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Photos by Joe Puglisi

    Although their debut Torches had barely had time to ignite since its May release date, Foster The People played with a bravado befitting a stadium-status banger-fueled veteran. To their credit, they've got a few nod worthy jams, including the mellowed "Pumped Up Kicks" (actually contains some not-so-mellow subject matter), the effervescent "Houdini", and the not-so-secret lightning rod "Helena Beat" (which closed out the night). The crowd had no qualms about demonstrating their enthusiasm for every beat and breath, jumping along with lead singer Mark Foster and chanting refrains at every turn. And FTP's versatility is only amplified by their ability to take their catchiest moments and consistently turn them up to 11.

    The band boasts an entourage of sonic weapons, from Foster's fluffy piano riffs to synth-y zaps and twitchy drum pads, to combat any potential stagnation. The arsenal swirls into a rhythmic assault worthy of the front-lines of power-pop, and often, finds itself entrenched in the (usually very one-sided) battle for audience livelihood. Needless to say, Foster The People are winning the war with every hit.

    Torches is full of the sort of smile-forcing uptempo hooks that make international monsters out of blog buzz. Although today's music-sphere is filled with false starts, last night's set at Music Hall Of Williamsburg felt like a starter's pistol for the young band. We're excited to bring you the full concert footage, and even more excited for everything that happens after. Stay tuned.

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