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    • MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2010

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    A rapper goes to jail for murder and may meet his end at the hands of the state, more Beatles memorabilia sells for dumb amounts of money, more rappers quarrel about party shootings, Bono is costing the U2 machine absurd amounts of money, and ZOMG NEW RADIOHEAD ALBUM MAYBE THIS YEAR DETAILS RIGHT NOW!!!!!11!!111!! Um, yeah, all this and maybe a little more, after the jump!

    On a personal note, it's good to be back. Sorry all you Baeblers missed the bubbly commentary of yours truly on Friday, I spent some significant time in Little Rock, Arkansas with an old friend, one of the top trial lawyer in the state, who was helping me relax! (it's not what you think! His wife was legally allowed to be present! I did not go to jail! We went to a bar called the "Electric Cowboy"! We went to a bar that played TVOTR!). I did not sign a new sponsorship deal with Miller Lite, but you might be fooled into thinking I did based on my weekend. Onward!

    1. Lil' Boosie was indicted for murder. Rapper Lil' Boosie (real name Torrance Hatch) has been charged with a lot of stuff, including a murder, some drug possession with the intent to distribute, and smuggling drugs into the correctional facility where he currently resides. According to All Hip Hop, "According to the district attorney, Lil Boosie may receive the death penalty according to a district attorney." Um, so we might want to wait on that verdict?

    2.Lenon's handwritten lyrics sold for 1.2 million. An autograph manuscript of John Lennon's lyrics for the "A Day in the Life" is apparently worth 1,202,500 USD. [via Sothebys]

    3. "Suge" Knight is suing Kanye West for a bullet wound. Knight was shot at a party where West was supposedly in charge of security (West denies this). The rappers are beefing about Knight's shattered femur and monetary damages, with lawyers across a boardroom table. New school 2010 rap feuds!

    4. Bono's emergency surgery is costing the U2 touring unit millions of dollars. Every day the supergroup was supposed to play costs them approximately 500,000, whether they play or not. Bono is said to be on bedrest for two months. Math = yikes! [via The Sun]

    5. It is entirely possible we will see a new Radiohead album by the end of the year. Christmas is coming way early, maybe! "In an interview on BBC 6 yesterday, Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien said the band are currently in the studio wrapping up album number eight." He called recording In Rainbows a "slog", referring to the new jams as an entirely different process. In terms of what that means for the turnaround time for release, he said "hopefully it will be a matter of weeks". Oh boy! [Pitchfork]

    Northside Festival is happening this week in Brooklyn. A preview of some key events (including our show at Brooklyn Bowl) is forthcoming. Stay tuned! -joe puglisi

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